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Inspector Cindy: The Forgetful sailor

title:Inspector Cindy: The Forgetful sailor
download page:link
developer:7-128 Software
platform:windows, mac
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Newport of the 1890's. A bustling american city and seaport, full of grog drinking sailors and mighty steamers. One sailor however has a secret. joao by name, he seems to show a gentleman's manners, yet is a common deck hand. Inspector sky of the Newport police wants the mystery of this man's identity cleared up, and so puts you, ---- his best detective on the case, ably assisted by the forthright Inspector cindy of vienna. you'll need to question everyone from Cecil Worthington, tenis playing rich playboy, to the Sailor's crew mates, spending their time off in the foundered flounder tavern.

Forgetful Sailor uses an interface which has more in common with a choice based gamebook than with interactive fiction, and is built for symplicity and ease of use. Select questions from the menu to ask your suspects, then head to other locations around Newport to continue your investigations, ---- hints from the Inspector helping you along the way. though the game is mostly text ouput directly to Jaws or window eyes, ---- or self-voicing via an in built game voice, it does feature an extensive amount of atmospheric sound effects and colourful video clips. What's more, sinse all games in the inspector cindy series share the same video hints collection, ---- the more games you have, the more videos you'll get.

The link at the top of the page will download the windows version, a Mac version is available here as well.

Just remember to have the 7-128 gamebook in installed before you try this game.

Also note that like all their other desktop games, the Forgetful sailor has now been released for free whilst 7-128 concentrate on their desktop games.


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