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genre:Adventure Games
developer:Valiant galaxy associates
release:July 2015
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Interceptor is the long awaited strategical space battle game from Valiant Galaxy Associates. Like their earlier offering Traders of known space, Interceptor takes place in the 31st century, during Humanity's war with the mysterious aliens, The Greys. Where Traders of known space however involved plying the spaceways trying to make a prophet at the edges of the conflict, Interceptor plunges players streight into a front line battle in the war, a desperate struggle in the void.

When the Battleship Rapier comes under threat from a squadren of Grey forces, several one person Interceptor fighters are released to (as the name says), intercept the enemy and even the odds. During the game you will take control of one of these fighters, engaging a variety of enemies in combat, facing the five classes of Grey fighter from the drone controled and weak Epsilon to the deadly Alphas and their ace grey pilots. You will also need to contend with enemy tankers and supply ships, command and control vessels, and (if your very lucky, or perhaps unlucky), the alien mothership itself.

Rather than being a quick action shooter however, Interceptor attempts to simulate space combat in far more detail. Your fighter has a variety of systems from electronics to waste control and two reactors, as do the enemies you will face. According to how much damage each of these systems takes, either you or the enemy fighters will find your performance changing, for example hits to your engines will affect your ability to travel, while damage to your electronics systems will affect some of your weapons and how efficiently your ship uses it's reactors. Fortunately, you have an engineering droid on board to effect repares, though this to can be damaged or destroyed.

With a choice of weapons from the long range rockets to the powerful neutrino canon, a targeting computer, a point defense laser system and a deflector shield, you have a lot of choices in both offense and defense, as do your opponents, and ultimately it's the most skillful and tactical pilot who will come out of this battle alive.

In addition to choosing how to best despatch the gruesome Greys, you also need to decide how much to risk in the name of points, sinse your ship does not automatically recover between opponents. Sometimes you will recover fuel or energy, and occasionally a repare vessel might drop bye with system replacements, however forgoing these can up your score.

Though it is a turn based game, a great deal of time has been spent on the sound and ambience, even down to your ship's left and right reactors humming in the appropriate directions and your twin rockets firing in sterrio. The game also (like other Vga titles), is entirely self-voicing though it does employ sapi on a few occasions.

The game has ten levels, each of which can contain a variable amount of enemy ships meaning that even if you finish the game you can't guarantee what is coming up next time. Also, there are two modes of play, the fairly simple quick mode, and the harder normal mode.

A demo version of the game exists which will let you play the first two levels, however to unlock all of the game you will need the full version which costs 10 usd, (roughly 8 euroes or 7 British Pounds). Fortunately like their previous title, Yellow bonnet Interceptor uses the Guide dog game client. This is a new game distribution system developed in collaboration with Dentinn of Alteraeon, to give audiogames a system similar to Steam. The Guide dog client needs to be run before starting Interceptor, however Guide dog will handle all distribution, payments and unlocking, which means no need for complex memory keys and the like and you can play the game on any Windows computer with an internet connection.

For more information you can Go here to read the game Documentation which not only explains all about the various workings of your fighter (and indeed of the Guide dog system), but also gives a summary and background of the war against the Greys and the galaxy in which Interceptor takes place.

With astonishingly good ambience, tactical gameplay and a rich atmosphere, Interceptor is definitely a game for anyone who's wanted a more complete space experience than just turn and hit. If you've ever wanted to play a Startrek style Space battle where you can disable your enemy by destroying their weapons or attack their engine systems while you fly to a safe distance for making repares, you should definitely try climbing aboard your very own Interceptor fighter and going to Grill some Greys.

For more about Valiant galaxy associates and their games, you can visit Their page on the audiogames archive site


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