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genre:Trivia games
developer:Sony Entertainment
platform:amazon Alexa
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In 1964, American audiences were treated to the introduction of what would become a well known cultural Icon. Jeopardy, a quiz show in which, rather than answering questions, contestants would be given an answer and have to provide the question. Of course, those answers were very specific, for example: "this author scored a bulls eye with success thanks to her hungry dystopia featuring a teenaged archer", to which the question (or at least the correct response), would be "who is Suzanne Collins." Strange though the format was, the clever questions and wide range of general knolege made the show a hit that has persisted for nearly 60 years.

Now, people all over the world can play a daily round of Jeopardy thanks to the Alexa skill (though sadly right answers don't earn you the big bucks).

Playing the game is as simple and accessible as you might want, just tell your Alexa device to open Jeopardy, then listen to the questions and give your answer, just remember to phrase your answer as a question, starting with "who is", or "what is". With six questions every week day, introduced by the iconic host of Jeopardy Alex Tribeck, ranging from subjects from history, to literature, to films, pop culture or science (albeit sometimes with something of a North American Bias), Jeopardy is the perfect way to keep your grey cells ticking over, as well as see how you stack up to the rest of the worlds' jeopardy players through some percentage based stat tracking.

If six questions aren't enough for you, you can pay a monthly subscription of 3 dollars (or pounds), and get an additional six questions a day in the double Jeopardy round, plus the chance to play either Teen Jeopardy on Saturdays, or Sports Jeopardy on Sundays.

With great sounds, an easy gameplay, and some very interesting questions, jeopardy is certainly a must for trivia fans.


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