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King of dragon pass

title:King of dragon pass
download page:No link!
genre:Strategy Games
platform:I Phone
release:September 2011
features:text, sound, visuals
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Whether you've wanted to play a full on rpg game with a rich history and world, or a truly profound stratogy where you take control of the culture and dayly life of a historical people, King of dragon pass is absolutely the game for you. Somewhere between a gamebook, an rpg and a stratogy game, in King of dragon pass you will take control of a clan of bronze age warriors not unlike the Vikings and attempt to lead them to glory and victory by creating a newly unified kingdom in a hostile land.

Driven from their own home by a ruthless new ruler, your people are the Orlanthi, a group of independent and generous spirited farmers with a deep connection and worship of various gods, noteably the king of the winds and storms Orlanth. Having already a rich set of traditions of their own, the Orlanthi clans have now settled in the land of Dragon pass, a region once famous for it's fire breathing dragons. Here the clans begin trading, fuiding, batling and making sacrifices to their gods as they till the fields and expand into their new teretory.

As controller of a clan, it is your job to see that your people are happy and well fed, that you treat all other clans, ---- and the gods appropriately, and eventually that when the time comes for the disparate clans to form a tribe and eventually a Kingdom, that it will be your clan that is elected as leader and your chief who becomes king (or queen), of Dragon pass.

Part of the game therefore involves straight out resource management, deciding upon what crops to plant and what land to clear, what to trade and how many cattle (the principle unit of wealth), to sacrifice to the gods or give in generous tribute to other clans. You also need to decide what fortifications to build and how many of your farmers will take up the post as perminant weapon thanes to defend your clan from attack, or go raiding other clans, ---- either in small sporting rades for cattle, or more serious efforts to pilage and slaughter. Care however needs to be taken, sinse the object here isn't conquest but living peacefully, so a clan with many angry neighbors with whom it has fudes will not long survive.

As well as managing your resources, you must also decide what magic your god talkers will perform, for Orlanth and the various other gods have blessings to bestoe which can range from increasing your crop or cattle yields, to aiding your warriors in battle or your traders and diplomats in negotiation. In particular, any worthy clan must eventually considder carrying out hero quests, in which one member of your clan is sent to the realm of the Gods to reinact one of the sacred myths, and for these sacrifices must be made to the gods for knolidge of their rituals and mythology.

Despite this strategical element however, plus strategical battles, the main focus of the game and indeed most of it's events occur not merely as sets of statistics, but as actual parts of a story. for instance, a fude with a neighboring clan may be resolved by a mariage, or maybe proposals are brought from other clans of trade or alliance. Running out of resources you might be able to rely upon favours from other clans if your relations with them are good. Other events might be incounters with more mysterious elements, Perhaps a nest of goblins has been discovered on your land, or maybe a shaman is offering a ritual boon which could be a genuine help to your people, or just a con trick to deprive you of your silver. The events might however be a far smaller thing, perhaps the cattle farmers and dairy farmers are having a dispute, or maybe two brothers have had a violent arguement resulting in the destruction of property. All of these story sequences, from the complex interplay of clan politics to light domestic matters, to generations long disputes between individual families are things you will need to make decisions upon, decisions which may have an immediate affect upon your clan's happiness or magic, or your standing with another orlanthi clan, or may come back to haunt you later.

This story aspect is further enhanced by the fact that your clan is made up not just of a faceless set of statistics, but of actual people. Throughout the game you will have a clan ring, or group of 7 advisers, men and women who can offer their opinions on any aspect of clan life from the harvest, to warfare or diplomacy. These clan leaders however are not just drones, and depending upon their personal ideas and the gods they worship may have some very distinct standpoints on what advice to give or how certain problems may be solved. It is also members of your clan ring that more often than not determine your clan's success in combat, farming, magic and the many other activities you will engage in, which is also why having a diverse selection of worshippers of different Orlanthi gods, from the warlike Humact God of death, to the rather Single minded earth goddess Ernalda, or the god of speech, trade and negotiation iserees.

King of dragon pass is therefore above all a game about people, about different story elements and about the ways in which clans relate to one another, sinse this is one game which cannot be won with either total war, or by not offending anyone. Generosity, honour of the gods, the values of a people and culture quite distinct from our own are represented here, and only a full understanding of that culture will lead your clan to victory.

It's not even just in it's text and gameplay that King of dragon pass excells sinse the sounds and music in the game are also of highest quality as well, therefore headphones are highly recommended.


Access wise, The developers have been careful to insure that King of dragon pass, though a deeply complex game works extremely well with voice over, though remember to turn your screen to landscape mode when you open the ap sinse Kodp only runs in that mode. All in game Buttons are labeled, though make sure you have speaking of hints turned on in your voiceover settings to get all th the information, and all standard controls such as sliders and selectors work well, however note that often selecting exact amounts on sliders isn't necessary and that some sliders can be fine tuned by holding down a finger then swiping horizontally, though in practice this is rarely necessary.You might also find setting your roter to "vertical navigation" to take full advantages of the columns in the game helpful. though there is undoubtedly something of a learning curve, though one which is well worth mastering. For example, each screen of the game has an "advice" button in the bottom left hand corner, which will bring up a selection of your clan ring across the bottom. double tapping on any member will bring up a bubble giving their opinions on the current situation or event, while repeating a double tap will show their various personal statistics, while double tapping a bubble will close it. To get rid of the clan ring and return to the original screen hit the "close advice" button. Likewise, when not viewing advice, some basic information about your clan, such as number of weapon thanes, cows, goods and amount of magic is shown across the bottom of the screen in several small columns. In the bottom right hand corner is a "menu" button which can be used to reveal a menue for switching between the various screens of the game.

Also note that in the selection that is used for when choosing which person to send on a given mission, say leading a trade caravan or going exploring, where a selection of clan members will appear across the screen above the original information. Swiping through them and listening (provided you have hints turned on), will inform you of their stats, and also note the selector on the top left part of the screen which may be flicked up and down which will show them in order of highest of a given statistic (it starts on combat, but often that's not the stat you want). once your finished selecting your leader, hit "choose" to go back to the original screen. A similar selection method is also used to show other Orlanthi clans, with a filter close to the top left of the screen that can be flicked up and down to choose different catagories, such as clans who owe you favour or clans who are part of your tribe. /p>

Most of the basic screens within the game, though holding a lot of information are easy to navigate once you understand how the layout works. The exploration screen is probably the most complex because it works on hexigans however simply hitting the "explore" button then tapping the exploration cross will automatically select your homestead or tula as it's called, and you can then find the exploration options either by swiping through or towards the bottom right hand corner of the screne near the menue button, while double tapping another hex will select it as a targit.

The game costs 10 dollars (or about six pounds fifty in the uk), and can be found on the ap store under King of Dragon pass, though often it is also on sale too so chances are that you might at some stage find it at a lower price as well

Additional resources.

The music in the game is of exceptional quality and The soundtrack is Freely downloadable here on the Asharp site For your enjoyment. .

though the game sadly has no demo version available, Michael Feir has recorded This great podcast which gives a very complete overview of the game, ---- though note that a couple of bugs it mentions have now been fixed.

Some lune called Dark also recorded a long podcast where he gives an extensive overview of the game, both tactically and in terms of it's screens. you can Download that from sendspace here

You can also read more about the game on It's page on applevis a site promoting access to apple products.

For straight up gameplay information, there is also the King of Dragon pass wiki Which contains a beginners buide as well as other useful info, however note that some pages (especially those listing in game events and the like), also contain spoilers.

Kodp is absolutely the solution for hours of fun. A complex, multilayered single player rpg game, and one with an extensive world and history, and with various game difficulties, achievements and styles of playing not to mention one of the most adaptive storylines imaginable, it's hard to think of a game with more! replay value. While it is undoubtedly not a symple game, persistance will certainly be rewarded. For anyone who has an Iphone, or Ipad, this is absolutely a must play.


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