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Kingdom of Loathing

title:Kingdom of Loathing
download page:No link!
developer:Aissymetric publications
platform:Online, web brouser
release:2003, ongoing
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Kingdom of loathing is a long established, incredibly random, and highly enjoyable text based online game played in your web brouser.

Like most rpg games, Kingdom of Loathing (or KoL as it's affectionally known), involves fighting monsters, undertaking quests, gathering and crafting various magical items, and of course gaining fame and renown. there however, any resemblance to a standard swords and sorcery fest stops.

character classes include seal clubber, Turtle tamer and sorcerer (sause pan included), and with such monsters as the saber toothed lime and toilet plunger wielding knol, this isn't going to be your usual adventure.

With a complex world, many locations to adventure in, hundreds of quests, familiars, and hundreds of random puzles, the chance to join player organized clans and engage in optional player versus player combat, ---- if you can call drinking conteststs and weightloss matches combat! there is plenty to keep you busy

the game is entirely free to play, however donating to the game will gain players the Mr. Accessory, which not only increases many stats, but also may be traded in for various other helpful items.

Sinse the game is online, it's highly accessible to screen readers. though it uses, the vast majority are labled, and the few that aren't may be easily accessed through conveniently clickable links. the pages do become rather cluttered though, but by checking the "account" settings, you can show or hide various items, which may prove helpful. It's worth playing around with the account display settings until you find something that works for you.

there are many online resources about the game including a player forum, radio station and wiki, ---- koL even has it's own entry on wikipedia. Apart from the home page, the main place however to access extra material,including faqs, walkthroughs, answers to puzles and detailed explanations of game mechanics is KoL cold front found here

All in all this one's deffinately worth a look, whether as a casual player or more seriously.


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