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Knight commander

title:Knight commander
download page:No link!
genre:Strategy Games
developer:John Sturt, Woodside aps
release:September 2018
features:text, sound, visuals
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Knight commander has been described as what might happen if Crafting kingdom and Castaways had a baby. Like all babies, this one is guaranteed to take up much of your time, worry and managerial skills.

Commander of a small tribe, your job is simply to survive and prosper, Fortunately, your people will obey you without too much grumbling, so finding food, or constructing important buildings for your town should just be a matter of time and resources. True, some of the resources will take a bit of time to make, for example you won't get bricks by just standing around, but will need to gather water (and make buckets), and combine it with a little stone from the river to make clay and then harden that clay into bricks, but your people are quite willing to work. Willing however doesn't always mean able, so be sure to keep your people well fed to make sure they're energetic, and well rested to make sure they have time to complete all the chores you've got on hand for them.

Hard labour is only however the first of your problems, since there are plenty out there who might just want to take those hard earned resources away from you, so investing in weapons and armour might be a good idea. Also, disaster can strike at any time, from floods and voracious festival goers to ill tempered dragons, and unless you want to see your hard work all come to nothing you had better learn to produce resources fast.

Fortunately, its not all doom and gloom, since commerce certainly isn't dead, and even simple stones might be worth something, though make sure to diversify to keep your buyers happy and prices high, building a few extra shops might not be a bad idea either. Plus, undertake extra contracts or quests for gold and manner, since finances and mystical power can carry you far, extending your tribe, giving your people more stamina or even resurrecting them from hospital if needs be.

Though managing your time and population and deciding how best to use your resources isn't always an easy matter, navigating the game fortunately is. At the top of the screen you can go to different portions of the game such as the people screen, shopp, quests or contracts screens, as well as to the various areas of the game where you can make things from food or resources to sell for cash, to tools, buildings and weaponry. Your people screen is where you will be spending the most time, here you are given the name and state of each of your population, including how much energy they have. tapping on their name you can assign them a task, from eating, sleeping, to gathering wood or stone or going down the coal mine. Tapping and holding on each of these tasks will tell you the amount of energy or time it requires, as well as any needed items or buildings. This process is the same most screens, for example, if in the tools screen you want to know how to make a stone knife, just double tap and hold on the stone knife (this is also how you build multiple items or sell them from your inventory as well). You can also use the team button next to your people to assign multiple people to the same team (double tap and hold for quick options), to save your clicking, but beware of sending too many people into exhausting work too fast.

with over a hundred and fifty craftable items from gravy and fish and chips, to a green house, bell tower or even town sewers, not to mention hundreds of quests and various contracts to fulfil, Knight commander is definitely the ideal game for anyone who wants to feel like a responsible ruler, dictating project to work on protecting your people, and seeing your kingdom expand as you choose the best way to funnel your people's efforts.

The game costs just 2 usd, that's roughly 1.5 british pounds or 1.56 euroes, and for the amount of time you'll spend worrying about the state of your people or frantically trying to find enough resources to stop the latest disaster, its well worth it.

As always with Ios titles Knight commander has This page on applevis

With resources from rubber to metal, and more items than you could shake a highly modified stick at, this one is definitely recommended, especially for crafting fans.


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