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Komandoh 2

title:Komandoh 2
download page:link
genre:Role Playing Games
release:August, 2020
features:text, sound, visuals
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Welcome to the bigger, badder and more complex sequel to Galaxy Laboratory's addictive spinning top robot battling game Komandoh

Japanese developer Morokuma found he enjoyed Galaxy Laboratory's new years gift so much, that he wanted to create a harder chaos version, instead, with the blessing of Galaxy Laboratory, the project ended up as an entirely new tournament to have a spin at.

The basic rules are the same, catapult your robotic spinning destruction machine into the ring, and attempt to be the last one standing without blowing up, tipping over or being knocked off the side, several other aspects of game play have been radically enhanced.

Firstly, gameplay now is far more tactical, with spinners able to instantly flip from one side of the ring to the other and thus avoid being cornered, meaning that speed and endurance can carry the day as well as strength. Also, where as previously only one spinner battled at a time, now you can take part in double, tripple or even multiple tagteam type battles too as you work your way up through the eight coloured class ranks and passed the various bosses with their high powered bots, and be careful of your tactics when you find yourself battling in unusual arenas.

The collection and deck creation aspects of the game have also grown. As before, use the coins you earn from battles to get parts from the lottery machine, however now parts level up as you use them, increasing in strength. Additionally, choose to sell off unneeded parts, break them down into scrap in an effort to build something better, fuse them together to hopefully produce more powerful versions, or even give your spinners a slick new paint job to improve their statistics.

If all of this wasn't enough, online battles are very definitely back. Pit your spinners against others from all over the world, earn more coins and rewards and try to be the ultimate Komandoh Comander!

The game even has hidden bonuses in the form of passwords which can be entered for special items (those who finish the original Komandoh might find a special surprise to make this second outing a little less gruelling).

As you would expect, the game outputs to all the standard screen readers, NVda, Pc Talker, Microsoft Sapi and so on. It also contains some silhouette style graphical representations of the action which might be useful for low vision players, though these are certainly not necessary to enjoy the game.

Unlike the original Komandoh, Komandoh 2 has an English translation, so no measures needed to play Japanese games such as the JGT addon are required, though might be useful for the odd dialogue, in addition, since all the game's text can be put together in a standard format, translations into other languages are quite possible too, indeed a Spanish Translation is currently being worked on.

Komandoh 2 has all the quirky charm of the original, and yet expands the concept of the game with more tactics and features, a more complex part selection and creation system, and even need to manage multiple spinners. Though the learning curve is a bit steeper than the previous title, though by no means impossible to master, anyone who enjoys a mix of action and strategy and loves battling spinning robots will definitely enjoy this one.


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