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Land of Livia

title:Land of Livia
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Aaron Vernon
release:2016, Ongoing
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Land of Livia is an absolutely unique experience for your Ios device and one which is taking the accessible gaming world by storm. The story begins with an untutored farm hand living on Solomon's potato farm not far from the small town of Tarik. Old Solomon is even grumpier than usual because it's stopped raining and that is eating into his prophets. Both because you want to help, and because you'd like an excuse to get away from the potatoes you offer to travel off and find the source of the problem. Thus begins an epic journey which will carry you across Livia over 70 different locations, performing a variety of quests, looting increasing better items until your a fully fledged adventurer and eventually uncovering the routes of a dark conspiracy that threatens to rock the Land of Livia to it's foundations.

Despite an epic story and truly addictive gameplay however, Land of Livia is one of the easiest roleplaying games to play imaginable. Simply choose a location on the map and double tap on it to travel, then read up on what quests are available and tap the buttons to attempt them. Both travelling and questing will take time, which makes Land of Livia a perfect game to play while your doing something else since it only takes a tap or two to progress.

With bonus items such as companions and real estate which raise the amount of gold you can carry or speed up your travel or quest times, lore items that can be used to find legendary gear, and gems that can be cut to further augment your abilities, you should never be short of something to do in Land of Livia.

The game is extremely easy to play from an access perspective thanks to some great work done by the developer. ON the main map screen, all the towns and locations have vo hints which give you extra information, such as where to find the best quests for training a given stat, likewise the announcements which pop up to tell you that a quest is done or you've traveled correctly are easy to read, and many screens can be exited from with the vo scrub gesture (for example you can use it return to the map after you've viewed a location). .

In addition to the map screen where you spend most of your time, the bottom of the screen has labeled buttons from which you can reach the journal tab, where you can check your goals, the hero tab, where your inventory and stats can be found (also where you can engage in gem cutting or lore research minigames), the help tab which leads to the documentation, and finally the "campfire" tab where you can chat to other adventurers, since though Land of Livia is essentially a %100 single player game, it's always pleasant to swap hints with fellow gamers.

The game is entirely free to download and the prologue, "entitled "the Sorceress from the sea" is free to play. This will take a good few days of playing and carry you through pirate ports, dangerous jungles and across storm tossed seas. the two later chapters must be purchased at a price of $6 each or $4 in the Uk, though given the length of the game this is likely well worth it.

Aditional resources

Forum member Nolly has constructed This guide To help newcomers to the land of livia with some of the more fiddly aspects of gameplay, namely gem cutting, lore research and the uses of lore items since these are matters that often confuse new players.

As usual for Ios releases land of Livia has This page on the Applevis site should you want further information on the game.

With an epic story and some highly atmospheric writing, as well as a land with it's own history, lore and legends, minigames to play and gameplay that is surprisingly addictive for a game that is so light on time commitments, land of Livia is absolutely a must play for all Rpg fans, plus anyone who loves the idea of playing through an epic story.


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