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Laser breakout

title:Laser breakout
download page:link
genre:Strategy Games
developer:nyanchan games
release:March 2011
last edit by:Dark


Laser breakout is a rather strange fusion of the old 1980's arcade block destroying game, with a turn based strategic battle.

Each player starts with a number of blocks arranged in a line. Each turn, you pick one of your opponents blocks to target with a number of weapons, ranging from the accurate but weak minilaser, to the massively damaging but inaccurate fire cannon. Should you hit, damage will be done and the hp of the blocks reduced eventually to zero.

The object of the game is to destroy all your opponent's blocks before he/she destroys all of yours. This is however more than just a matter of luck. Each of the weapons available has a different level of accuracy, of damage, and should it hit a different range of fire, for instance the mini laser will hit only three blocks wide but has a good chance of hitting and does middling damage, while the laser cannon will do significant damage to one block only and is quite inaccurate.

Strategy is further complicated, since if the game is played in action mode, you can use a number of skills. To use these skills you'll require skill points which you get one of each turn, thus meaning you might have to wait before using some of the most powerful, however since skills include the ability to drain your opponents skill points, a lock on to give %100 accuracy with the next weapon, and various options to heal your blocks they add a hole other dimension to the game.

The interface is fairly simple. On your turn, Move between your opponents' blocks with the left and right arrows, select a target with the enter key, or select a skill with space bar (hit a to show skill points). To view your blocks, hit the tab key. One mildly confusing thing is that you'll see your opponents' number of skill points with the A key when looking at their blocks not yours, so to learn how many points you have, hit tab to view your blocks.

The game is self voicing using ms sapi, and has the option of playing against the computer on various sizes of field from a simple 7 blocks each, to a highly involved 35 should you want a long and tough battle. In the latest version, the ability to play across the internet has been added, along with the choice to play the game in a number of different languages. Note that when you hit enter on the "game with computer" option you'll need to enter your name and hit tab to begin.

The game also features some nice music and sfx for all the weapons and destroyed blocks, and best of all, it's free!

For an initially simple idea, Laser breakout is a huge amount of fun, especially when adding in the use of skills, and any fans of turn based battles should definitely give it a go.


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