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Light battles 1: Clash of light sabres

title:Light battles 1: Clash of light sabres
url:No link!
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Konsta Ranta
release:October, 2017
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People who have been around the audiogames.net community for a good while will remember that a long time ago (though not in a galaxy far far away), Lighttech interactive, makers of such awesome games as Light cars and Treasuremania, advertised an upcoming Starwars themed battle game entitled Light battles in which you played a Jedi knight engaged in Light sabre duels with the Dark lords of the sith.

Though the members of Lighttech have moved on to new challenges and the game never got finished, Fortunately, long standing community member Konsta from Finland has stepped in all these years later to fill the void.

Getting down to droid bolts, the game is a fast action arcade attack with a familiar gameplay style, but a high level of difficulty. Listen out for the sound of the Sith's light sabre from the left, centre or right, block when they swing, and counter with an of your own using the arrow keys.

Of course, more advanced light sabre duels have more technique than just swinging and hitting, therefore while the Sith faced on Trainee and apprentice level are easy enough, those on the Knight and master level will also perform a twirl attack. Listen out for the different sound, and counter with a twirl of your own in the appropriate direction, also be ware of when the Sith grow more angry and launched a more frenzied assault, or when you yourself can get the chance to break the defence and perform unblockable hits.

The game can be played in thus far two modes, battle and survival. Battle gives you a single fight of your chosen difficulty, and even lets you select the speed, whilst survival places you onto a map on either a deserted starship, a deathstar corridor, Coruscant, the desert world of Tatooine or ice planet Hoth and lets you walk around whilst being attacked by various Sith warriors. With no health regeneration between fights, this truly is a test of survival.

The game outputs to NvdA, Jaws or Sapi and best of all its entirely free.

With a surprising difficulty curve, and awesome sounds taken from the Starwars films, (John Williams music included), as well as a number of vicious taunts by the Sith, this is a treat for any Starwwars fan.

The force will be with you, always.


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