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developer:lyrania team
platform:Online, web browser
features:text, visuals
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Lirania is a long running Mmorpg game which has been around the internet for quite some time. As with many online games, the Kingdom of Lirania is a fantasy world awash with monsters which need a good slaying, and only a hoard of players stand in their way.

Interestingly enough, Lirania can be played as either a mmorpg, or an idle game, since combats happen with the click of a button, or can be initiated by setting the auto attack going and walking away. The game features a constant stream of quests, where players are rewarded for slaying a certain number of monsters as well as upgradable equipment, however where Lirania really shines is in it's crafting and items. Every player has 20 peons who can be highered to perform a variety of jobs, mining, spelunking in caves, farming, cutting lumber. Resources gained from these jobs can be used to build items, such as jewelary, make a player house and advance buildings in the guild.

Access wise, the game is mostly extremely straight forward, especially because of the heavy use of combo boxes in the interface, though it is occasionally necessary to look at the announcements at the top of the page to see what is going on.

The game is completely free, however, donations can gain tokens which can be used for a number of bennifits, jade for increasing a player's stats, extra money or certain maps to special dungeons, though most of these rewards will be available in game with enough time and patience.

With regular boss fights, a casual atmosphere, guilds to join and items to make, Lirania is a perfect game for those looking for a more relaxed, less high tension experience.


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