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LookTel Voiceover tutorial

title:LookTel Voiceover tutorial
download page:No link!
genre:Educational games
release:June 2013
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Pitermach


This app is no longer available on the App Store. While the companies site is still up, they have been inactive for many years, both in regards to this app as well as their other offerings.

LookTell are a company who make various extremely useful Apps for Blind and visually impaired people, such as a money recognizer or an ap for identifying common household products. Their Voiceover tutorial is something equally helpful, a step by step introduction to Voiceover, the in built screen reader of devices running iOS.

The Ap will take people through all the common Voiceover gestures, double taps, split taps, three finger swipes, The Rotor etc, in a comprehensive and entertaining way. Part of the entertainment fctor is also provided by a number of engaging games employing the Vo gestures, from using flicks up and down to dribble a basket ball, to using taps and three finger to traverse an old and dusty library in search of an ancient book of magic. Each tutorial also comes with a practice screen so you can practice the gestures you've learnt.

The Aplication is entirely free, which makes it a great way to get used to the rather different process of using a touch screen operated screen reading program.


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