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Note that the current status of Loraeon is unknown, since game seems to have vanished from the net.

Loraeon is a quirky and distinctly strange game set on a distant planet in a far off galaxy. Humans have colonized the world of Loraeon, and live in an uneasy piece with it's native alien population, in sprawling cities were government corruption, mechanized battles and general mahem are rife.

In the game you can choose to be either human or alien, and try and make a name for yourself. This is done through batling other players as well as engaging in other activities both to compete, make cash, and have fun.

The game's battle system is quick and easy, however the abilities to set preset actions in combat such as use of items insure that it is not simply a matter of hitting one button and forgetting. Also, though battling is a major part of the game, as are other forms of competition from commanding nano robotic armies to flying space craft, it isn't possible for you to end up really in trouble by losing, and if your not interested in battle at all you can join the merchant's guild and simply play for the games other aspects.

engage in quests, both for your profession and more shady deals you can find on street corners, explore space, and all in all have a lot of fun.

The game works by several statistics that refresh dayly, however where as in some other games these need to be hoarded carefully in Loraeon you have more than enough sinse they can be used for separate things. For example, determination is what is used for carrying out activities involved with your profession, while confidence impacts upon your battling skill. Another nice point about the games dayly stats, is that various mechanisms exist to insure that the more you play, the more your stats increase and the more your able to play, for instance you earn activity points which may be used for various bennifits around the game if you are active in a given period of time.

Access wise, there are a few unlabled images, but the developer has shown a great commitment to access by including an accessibility mode in the game settings (activate by checking the box), which lables several things and insures easier page navigation. Also in game settings are several usefull customizations involved with layout and other factors which can be helpfull, depending upon your individual tastes for navigating pages, for instance you can have links to your home and other information at the top of the page instead of your personal stats.

The game is utterly free to play, and you can choose to have multiple characters, however you may subscribe for 5 Canadian dollars a month. This subscription gives you various bennifits (see the subscription page), including virtually double the dayly stats, so is ideal if you wish to play more. You can additionally donate to the game to recieve bennifits in the form of platinum, which has various uses from increasing your stats to buying better housing in the game, and may also be obtained in various other ways.

With a large range of activities, and a very light hearted atmosphere, Loraeon, is a game that can be as casual or otherwise as people wish.


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