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Lords and knights

title:Lords and knights
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features:text, sound, visuals
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Lords and Knights is a medieval stratogy game for Ios and Android. (While a web site version does exist it is not accessible). In the game, you become ruler of a castle, and must expand your castle by gathering resources, upgrading buildings, recruiting various sorts of troops and of course battling other lords for supremacy.

The game has a highly accessible interface with voiceover, especially considering all of the information you need to play is contained on the various game pages. At the top of the screen is your player name and the amount of wood, ore, and stone you have, along with a "units" button, and a button marked "Castle buildings" which shows either a basic or detailed overview of your castle. The castle's buildings are then listed, you can double tap on each building's button to get more information or access it's functions, or hit the "upgrade" button next to each building's for a quick building upgrade (if you don't have the resources the upgrade button will be dimmed). Buildings include your castle keep where you can trade for valuable resources, your arsenal for recruiting troops, your various resource producing buildings such as the lumberjack, ore mine and quarry, and your tavern where you can send troops on missions. Any buildings you have currently under construction will be listed at the top of the page with an option to complete more quickly for gold coins (the game's donation currency).

This principle of each button listing more info with an "upgrade" button next to it also applies to the units page, which lists your military units at a castle such as spearmen and swordsmen, and whether they are on missions, attacking other castles etc.

Clicking the button with your name at the top will lead you to a castles view where you can view how many castles you own and switch between the individual views for each castle.

At the bottom of the page are buttons leading to four main tabs. The "castle" button is where you play most of the game, examining your castle, upgrading buildings etc. The "map" button will lead you to the map surrounding your castle. With voiceover on Ios it's possible to flick through the map items and be told in precise detail the distances to various other castles, for example "free castle 5 fields away" which will dictate the length of time needed for an attack. There is then the "messages" tab, where you can view both in game messages from the system and reports of your missions, attacks etc, and your profile where you can access your game center achievements, facebook etc as well as change game options such as music, sound and push notifications. You can also use the "alliance" tab to join or create an alliance for yourself with other players.

There are only two miner access issues on Ios. The first is occasionally adds will pop up, but unlike most games with randomly appearing adds the "close initial add" button is clearly labeled and can be flicked to. Additionally, as with many Ios titles, the sliders dealing with various sorts of military units (for example how many of each sort to send on an attack), do not always work when flicked, and often it is better to double tap and hold then slide right or left to get a precise number, though the plus and minus buttons can also be used. Also, note that on the "recruit" screen the basic number of recruits you can have is 1 which is already set, so even if the slider is at zero percent you will still recruit one battle unit, if you had a maximum possible number of 3 recruits setting the slider to fifty percent would recruit two.

The game is entirely free to play, but has a donation currency known as gold. this can be used to restock the resources of a castle or speed up in game processes like building construction or research.

As is usual for an Ios title, the game has A page on applevis though note that several comments from other players about inaccessibility of aspects of gameplay such as the map no longer apply as those problems have been solved.

With a competitive style, alliances, the chance to take over many castles and manage their economy, this is certainly a game for anyone who fancies rising to the top of a combative league of fuding nobles.


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