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Lucky strike

title:Lucky strike
download page:No link!
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Orio Games
platform:windows, mac
release:December 2021
last edit by:Jack


Lucky Strike is a futuristic arcade shoot'em'up set in the year 2039. You are a junior developer at a robot manufacturing company that has been specializing in your average run of the mill service robots. That is, until today. John Doe the CEO thought it was a good idea to start making bots for the military, and tasked you with coding their empathy core (possibly high on Lucky Strike himself). What could possibly go wrong...
Predictably, the robots are all coming to get you, and you have to show'em what for before they can destroy their whoafully inferior humanistic creator. The catch? Your weapon is an unstable beam shooter powered by a volatile battery. The beams each get a tiny portion of battery, and the weapon's destroy chance goes up at every shot. Naturally, the destroy chance is increased less for direct hits than misses, but you might still have the unlucky round where the weapon explodes on your first shot!
The normal robots you will face will stomp towards you with no regard for their safety. One shot and they're toast. The superbots are a bit more intelligent, and will warp to another place randomly at times, so get them before you lose them! Any robot touches you and you're dead.
Fortunately there are powerups that can level the playing field against the ever-increasing odds. They include a rapidfire gun that will instantly destroy robots as you point your target, while at the same time having no destroy chance. Speaking of destroy chances, a save from certain death powerup will nullify any shot that would have destroyed your weapon.
With fast action, sometimes unpredictable gameplay, this game is certainly going to bring on an experience no realworld crazy insane boss could have ever caused...


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