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Manamon 2: the eternal requiem

title:Manamon 2: the eternal requiem
download page:link
genre:Role Playing Games
release:November, 2019
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Return to the world of Manamon, in this, bigger, deeper and more complex sequel. Life is hard in Kiarre, a drought has ravaged the land for several years, and people are starting to become desperate. As with the neighbouring country of Tangeria, the land is replete with wild Manamon, and children between ten and fourteen embark on journeys to attempt to tame Manamon and battle all 7 stadium leaders in order to become the master. As the story opens however, you have had to delay your journey due to a long illness, and though your equipped with a starter Manamon to begin, you know that those tamers who will challenge you already have the edge. Yet, as with your tangerian counterpart, your journey might be more complex than it seems, since almost immediately you hear rumours of the man calling himself Eshcon, who promises to end the drought with miraculous powers, and the mysterious hyperforms, more powerful evolutions of Manamon than you might have ever imagined.

Journey through burning deserts, vast cities, dark caves and out into the utter wastes to find and capture over 300 Manamon, including an entirely new 149 species for you to collect and battle. As before, each Manamon has it's elements, special attacks and the ability to inflict statuses such as sleep and scorching upon opponents, however a great deal has been added, from unique abilities for each of the manamon, to a slightly redesigned weakness chart, and abilities with many different effects and types, for example, quick attacks which let your Manamon act more quickly next round, or attacks which protect against certain elements.

If all this wasn't enough, equip and use a huge selection of items to aide in your battling, from armour and weapons, to potions and new types of Mananets to effect the capture of more specialist creatures.

As before, explore by using the tones of walls to navigate around areas, finding hidden items and different npcs to talk to, indeed with many npcs, several of whom have tasks to complete, different areas that require some navigation to get around and all in all a much larger world, your journey around Kiarre will likely be an even longer one than your previous quest in Tangeria.

Another major addition to Manamon 2, is the much improved online battle system. No need for inputting complex IP addresses or using obscure windows tools to trade with yourself, now you can trade, battle and converse with all other Manamon 2 players with ease by just going to the manamon hotel and using the right equipment.

With a host of post game content, from the chance to battle all stadium leaders again, to the ability to import your Tangerian Manamon collection into the game so you can complete that precious Manapedia, Manamon 2 is the biggest audiogame that we've seen in a long while, and the answer to anyone who is looking for a truly immersive and epic quest.

Though having links back to Manamon 1 such as some recognisable characters and the aability to import your Manamon collection, being set in an entirely different country and featuring a different protagonist, anyone new to the series can happily begin with Manamon 2 if they wish.

The game can be self voicing with an improved output to microsoft Sapi, or alternatively NVda support is available.

There is an extensive demo , which lets you battle the first three stadium leaders, though the famous pocket copter item (used to travel between previously explored locations), is unfortunately unusable, similarly, online play is disabled in demo mode. The full game costs 39 dollars and is well worth it.

additional resources

while the game comes with a type effectiveness chart, forum member Honk has put together This reformatted version, which lists both the defensive and offensive attributes of each element and might be a more handy resource than the official document.

If your having trouble finding and evolving all the Manamon, Forum member Starfire has put together a fantastic list of all 307 , including the first from Manamon 2, with all of their evolutions and locations listed. Find it here in our articles section Which should be very helpful if you want to catch them all.

For more specific advice on catching the four mythical manamon, including the rather complex steps and subquests involved, Honk has put together This guide from our articles room

And, to make sure you grab all of the loot available, forum member Lord luceus has put together This item guide viewable on redit

With an awesome soundtrack, a compelling story, a deep and complex battle system and hours and hours of gameplay, this is absolutely the rpg that everyone has been waiting for, whether your new to the series, or a fan of the first game, you should find Manamon 2 an enthralling experience.

Happy taming.


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