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Mansion of Maleficence

title:Mansion of Maleficence
download page:No link!
developer:Per Jorna
release:December 2003
last edit by:Dark


Mansion of Maleficence is a short and nasty litle gamebook adventure with a distinctly horror based theme. Like the gamebook house of horror found on The fighting fantasy project it's based on the old 1980s gamebook house of Hell, famous for it's grizly and unexpected deaths.

When you lose your litle disk while playing golf, you could never imagine what sort of demonic places you'd go to to try and get it back. all pages are text html, so there are no accessibility issues. A dice is required, but if you haven't got one handy, just go and download the self-voicing Gma dice program from Gma games

Have a nice death, ---- or more than one!


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