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developer:Ingeni interactive
release:1994, ongoing
features:text, sound
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Materiamagica is a massive online mud which has been running and expanding now for many years. as is usual, the basis of the game is that of an RPG, wandering around the huge and diverse kingdom of alerya fighting monsters, performing epic quests and improving your character, however mm has many unique features that make it different from the usual mud.

Firstly, there is the character class system. Choose from over 14 races including two sorts of Sidh, Dracans, ogres, drow elves and minotaurs to the more normal elves, dwarves and humans, then pick from over 16 classes, four fighter, four priest, four mage and two thief. The classes range from Valkyries, barbarians and monks to witches, shaman and psionics, as well as more traditional classes like paladin, priest and ranger, and have very diverse abilities, thus leading to some quite unique strategies in combat and the use of spells.

Once you have your race, class and statistics, you'll find yourself in the valley of Lasler, a newbie area, but an extremely large one with many diverse tasks to do (indeed so many it's sometimes a little difficult to get everything completed), from traversing a deep dungeon to recover the portrait of a mothers' lost child, to descending into the dark waters of a lake with other adventurers to battle a massive crab monster. Once you've finished in Lasler, that's only the start, and you can move on to the extremely huge world of Alerya, a world with most distinctly it's own history, and a world which will take a great deal of exploring particularly since the wilderness areas in the game are somewhat randomly generated, meaning that you do not know what your likely to encounter and making hunting through unfamiliar areas all the more satisfying. .

The amount of territory to explore in the game is huge, over ten million rooms many with very unique and atmospheric descriptions, even the towns are of realistic size and make you feel as if your trotting around a city the size of London, Rome or Moscow, rather than just a few houses surrounding a castle. Just as diverse as the territory, are the methods of exploring it. you can own your own ships, mounts or flying carpets, travel through magical portals, descend deep into the Aleryan underground (even sailing an underground sea), or strike out alone into the wilderness. There is also just as diverse a range of in game activities. Marks can be earned for completing a wide range of tasks from defeating powerful creatures to solving puzzles, while in the towns of alerya certain nobles or other npcs are waiting to have tasks performed for them, indeed npcs in the game show probably more unique behavior than in most muds.

Economics, various sorts of player organizations, pvp, piracy, it's all here, and players of many different interests are made welcome.

One particularly unique thing about the game, comes when your character finally dies. Instead of just being transported somewhere else with an xp penalty, you will find yourself turned into a wandering spirit, chains and all, and forced to wait ten minutes before the Gods of alerya reincarnate you. During this time however, you have the chance to wander the world, visiting various locations, play chess, or even try and find the God of death to get a quicker revival.

pk, aka player vs player combat does exist, but only in certain rooms of the game, none of which are mandatory to enter. Pk indeed exists in three forms. lawful aka, no loss other than pk rank, neutral aka experience will be docked from the loser, and chaotic aka, anything and everything including some equipment will be taken by the victor of a combat, this indeed offers people a range of pk options, or in fact none at all if they prefer.

Despite all of these features, the game has very extensive support for Vi and blind players and the developers have shown themselves very open to suggestions for extra access in the game. a "set blind" command exists, which removes the ASCII based maps and offers more directional text based commands instead, as well as reducing spam text in combat and using textual descriptions of things such as pk rooms or alignement instead of color. You can also extensively control the interface to display the size and relation of objects, whether it displays exits, how those exits relate to the paths you are travelling and various other factors as well depending upon your preference. Blind players who use the "set blind" command also recieve a sextant item and an atlas, meaning that the coordinates of areas are available thus making it possible to navigate across very long distances more precisely without getting lost. Various changes are also being made to the game to allow players (especially vi ones who do not have access to ASCII maps), to more easily navigate and gain information about the world, such as the "marklist" command to let you know what tasks and quests are available, and the removal of timers on quests to let players get used to the geography of Aleria before they are required to perform tasks in a hurry.

The games' own moongate flash client is not accessible, but you can connect to the game with any client such as mushclient, monkey turn or vipmud by connecting to materiamagica.com port 4000, ---- indeed Vipmud see index has the games connection information in it's own mudlist by default.

Additional resources.

Materiamagica has it's own soundpack, which can be run by any mud client that supports msp, mud sound protocol, such as Mushclient or the ful version of Vip mud (though note that msp isn't available with the Vip mud demo). To have sound in the game download the mp3 soundpacks from This page Extract them to the sounds folder of your client, then type "setsound" in the game.

Sinse there are so many marks and quests and such a wide variety of things to do (some of which can only be done within a certain time limit or at a certain level of the game), the Materiamagica site is a valuable place to look for information, particularly in their guides and help section.

A large amount of extra information, such as lists of quests and areas, is available on The anwn info site


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