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platform:Online, web brouser
release:2008, Ongoing
features:text, visuals
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Sometimes, the near future is thought of as a time when things get better and brighter. At other times however, it seems things are getting worse, with urban city sprawls covering the planet, gangs, drugs, and synister multinational coorperations tightening their grip upon the population. this is the scenario in the online multiplayer game Metroplexities.

In a city where gangs and crime are rife, you hear rumours of a mysterious new drug called eclipse, which can cause hilucenations, summon mysterious creatures and even grant strange powers to habitual users, being a curious sort, you go out to see what you can find. From there the story may take many turns. You could try cleaning up the rackits and bringing some law to the mean streets, ----- or peddle eclipse for yourself in an attempt to make a proffit. The game features a complex, investigative style system, where you may choose to check in various areas using up game turns which may be replenished by either resting, or consuming food. Unlike many other games which use a similar system however, new turns are fairly easy to come by.

Meet contacts and delve deeper into the world of crime, engage in some crafting activities or even join a gang and fight gang wars, however remember the true enemy might be inside your own mind.

One particularly interesting part of the game is the combat system, which works similarly to an attack and stats based card game, in which you must decide which attacks to include in your deck. Deck building is a major part of the game, sinse given the right selection of moves, you can pull off devastating combinations and cause huge damage on your enemies.

all images in the game are labled, and everything occurs by text, making it perfect for screen readers.

Though in some ways Metroplexity resembles kingdom of loathing, the writing, combat style atmosphere and many activities are hugely different, especially considdering the major story and exploration elements in the game. Indeed, though you can donate to the game for special items, the special items are far more intended to give you new areas to explore and access to some new activities than to simply make your character tougher.

An extensive wiki exists on the site to offer assistance with aspects of the game you might be struggling with, though generally this one is highly straight forward to play, and you can quite easily progress without risking spoilers by looking at the wiki at all.

With it's unfolding story, continual addition of new features and content, and the unique battle system, pluss many locations to explore, this is certainly a highly recommended game.


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