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Mine racer

title:Mine racer
download page:No link!
genre:Arcade Games
developer:2mb Solutions
release:March 2017
last edit by:Dark


Mine racer is a thrilling and addictive arcade title from 2mb games. The principle of the game is very simple to play, but rather harder to play well.

Despite the fact that your careering along in an out of control mine cart, you actually don't need to worry about steering. What you do need to worry about though are the gaping holes in the track that threaten a rather abrupt end to your journey if your too slow in jumping them, and the many pointed stalactites hanging down from the ceiling ready to give you a fatal haircut. Obviously despite it's rather abysmal health and safety standards, the mine does seem to have been fairly prosperous, since you'll also run across a bunch of gold coins floating mysteriously in the air, all you need to do is jump to snag them, increasing your score in the process. .

Yes, that is it. Just hit the up or down arrows at the right time to jump or duck, earning bonuses if your brave enough to hold on until the last possible second, seeing how long you can survive and how much of a score you can wrack up in the process.

If you think this sounds like the recipe for a dull or simplistic game, feel free to download the demo and see for yourself, since with a surprisingly tough gradient of difficulty and yet that addictive sense that just one more try will get you a little further along, this is one of those classic arcade titles that could've come straight from the golden age of Atari, albeit with the edition of a very modern, ratcheting soundscape.

The game will output to several screen readers including Jaws, Window eyes and Nvda, or can be self voicing with ms sapi, and though there isn't an online scoreboard, you can copy your scores after each mine journey for posting up online and competing.

The game costs five usd (or whatever you might wish to donate), but a demo is available which will automatically end the game after going through six jumps. To get a copy of the demo, visit The mine racer demo page found here, create an account, go through the sale and checkout process and download the demo either from the website or from the email. Despite going through the checkout process though, the demo version is of course free.

Happy racing and remember to duck.


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