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download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:cmerry and brandon cruise”
release:april 2019
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You might be forgiven for thinking that Minefield is another accessible mine sweeper game, accept that given the number of explosions, evil monsters and the rather brutal difficulty on display here, anything forgiving is quite unlikely. Minefield is one of those classic style arcade games with a simple addictive formula and lots of action.

through a strange set of circumstances you find yourself lost in a lab, a lab full of explosives and evil monsters, a lab where the only thing being tested is how long you can survive.

Use the arrows to run around the closed arena, avoiding mines and monsters like the evil sediments, and grabbing up items. While some items might increase your speed or slow down the sadistic sediment, others might have different affects, increasing number of mines around you, giving the enemies a speed boost, or even spawning more nasties. Survive for four minutes and you'll be up against the boss, a boss who can only be defeated by grabbing up the right items and avoiding him for long enough.

The game features extensive (and rather insulting), voice acting, great sound effects, a hole bunch of achievements to earn even if you end up blown to atoms or punched out by sediment, and an awesome background score, best of all its free! Just remember to put Jaws or NvdA to sleep before playing. ./p>

Beware of mines!


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