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features:text, sound
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A popular accessible sci fi moo (a subtype of mud). Earn money and license points by salvaging space junk, hauling asteroids, exploring deep space for strange artifacts or help defend humanity from the alien Praelor.

Note that unlike some other space Muds, miriani encourages player interaction, whether through cooperating on flying a starship or taking on missions, or playing against each other as space pirates.

Additional resources.

Miriani, as a long standing space game with an incredibly large following has attracted a lot of attention. In particular it features This large and extensive soundpack for Vipmud, with triggers aliases, and sounds that contain everything from game ambience, to assistance in combat, be sure to read the readme for installation instructions, since the soundpack is quite extensive..

Jeff Rutkowski has provided This extensive guide on Miriani Which has everything from strategy, to lists of available ships.

You can also read about the game, vote and submit reviews Here on Miriani's page on the mud connector site

Happy landings.


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