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Mole no more

title:Mole no more
url:No link!
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genre:Arcade Games
platform:Windows (Klango).
release:September 2010
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With Klango now no longer available, unfortunately, mole no more has gone the same way.

Mole no more was the first ever commercial audio game produced, run, and sold via the Klango network, see index page Developed by Waldemar Razik and Artur Kałędkowski, Mole no more is a varient of the old Gofer's arcade game in which you must smack rodents as they pop up from their nasty litle holes with a hammer in order to earn points.

Using Klango's ability to create spacial audio however, the game is played on a 3 x 3 board, where the pitch and volume of the mole sounds defigns their position. You then need to run across and hit spacebar to slam down with your unstoppable weapon.

To add to the fun, there is of course a time limit, which can only be increased by gnabbing special super moles, which, while faster and harder to knock off do offer both bonuses in points and valuable extra seconds. With the moles getting faster every time, this becomes a frantic, and highly addictive game.

The game is shareware, and you may play the first two levels to get a hang of the thing, but for the full experience of mole mashing, you need to perchice the full version. This is done by accessing the "klango shop" option in the Klango network program, and buying the game with the custom currency, Klango points (which may also be used to buy various other services from Klango as well). At 489 Klango points, Mole no more works out at roughly five Uk pounds, six euro's or 8 us dollars (though being as Klango points have a rather unique exchange wrate, it's difficult to be exact). Eitherway, the game is not expensive.

Of course, you'll need Klango network on your computer to install, run, play and indeed pay for the game.


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