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Monster breeder

title:Monster breeder
download page:No link!
developer:Burnt toast productions
platform:Online, web brouser
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Monster Breeder is a rapidly developing online rpg and monster training game which you play in your web brouser. With some similarities to Pokemon, you start off by choosing your type of monster. You can then send it to work, ---- earning you cash, or wander around the rather extensive world map fighting creatures earning experience, or even challenge other players.

> Earning money will let you buy more monsters, as well as equipping your breeder's house with various upgrades to aide your litle friends, --- while xp can be used to improve your abilities.

When your monsters get tough enough, you can even splice their dna together in a rather frankenstein like way to create new and better monsters.

But monster management is only one aspect of this game. The world map is incredibly huge, and there are many quests for you and your monsters to fulfill in the various towns and cities of the world. As well as batling other players, you can join player created guilds to go on raides against specific enemy bosses for glory and equipment.

Access improvements such as better image labling and more textual ways of viewing the map are beeing added to the game continually by the very enthusiastic maintainer, as well as more quests, more monsters, and more things to do.

Currently, finding the coordinates on the world map for some in game locations is not possible with screen readers, but the gm has provided This list page With the coordinates of the various quest locations listed on it to make life easier.

The game also has a highly relaxed in game forum with a good atmosphere where you can kick back and relax betwene bouts of monster bashing. A vip mode for subscribing customers is also being added, --- which will include several things such as removal of all adverts.

With it's multiple possible activities, large world and relaxed atmosphere this is shaping up to be a great rpg, either for quick casual play or more seriously.


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