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Muelsfell, rise of the golems

title:Muelsfell, rise of the golems
download page:No link!
developer:Necrotales studios
platform:Online, web brouser
features:text, visuals
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Sadly In 2014, Muelsfel completely shut down. its now no longer possible to register for new accounts or continue to play the game, even though there is still a website showing game information. Whether the game will start up again in some other place, we don't know.

Almost a century after The Great Cataclism, people of the land of Muelsfell have started to recover, pushing back the hoards of magically mutated creatures that roam the wilds and starting to build stable cities in the chaotic new world. One consequence however of the great desaster, is that now instead of using raw magic, most wizards, ---- or Magi as they're known, now create and use Golems, large magically animated constructs hundreds of times stronger than an ordinary human. This is the situation in the brouser based rpg game Muelsfell, rise of the Golemms.

Playing as a Magus in control of your own workshop and base of resources, you must build, maintain and research the production of Golems made of various materials, starting with flesh, then moving up to Bone, wood, clay, stone or iron. you can send your golems out to do various tasks, from hunting the wilds for various rather unique creatures to battle, to raiding the workshops of other Magi, or engaging in clan wars.

Batling monsters of course gets you loot such as money and gems, which you can trade with others on the markit, or use in your own building projects, whether that's building a new golem, having a baricade against attacks or upgrading your workshop and base of opperations so that you can acquire more resources.

The truly unique thing about Muelsfell is the wide range of gameplay elements. Your workshop contains various buildings from the basement where you store golems, to various places that continually produce resources, such as a lone grave for bone or the black locust tree for wood. Upgrading these will give you more resources each hour, while upgrading buildings like your library and artificer lab will allow you to research and build more types of golems and items. This aspect of the game therefore strongly falls into the resource management stratogy style.

In building your golems at the workbench however, the style changes again. Each golem type has ten different locations on it's body, which can all be individually damaged in combat and repared, or even replaced with better quality parts. You also have the option of building extra golems, and equipping them with glass or jewel eyes, power sources and even weapons and armour before sending them into battle. With lots of possibilities to equip items and maintain your golems there are lots of ways to succeed in battle, particularly taking account of factors such as elemental damage types, whether or lighting conditions and terain, this aspect of things is far more like a combative stratogy game.

Batling other players is not compulsary however, indeed you can either perform in game missions for the guards to be protected from a certain amount of pvp attacks, or directly opt out of all player vs player combat by spending a small amount of premium tickits.

Clans also play quite a part in the game, sinse a clan, as well as being an organization of mages, can allow it's members to build various sorts of special items such as weapons, or use different types of magic spells to either enhance your golems, your workshops' abilities, or even alchemically change the nature of materials and items. Though some clans engage in clan war, other, none pvp clans also exist who's goal is primarily the creation of weapons and other items to help members get on in the game.

Add in a large, rpg style monster filled map to explore, ability to cast spells, and do quests, and you have the recipe for an extremely unique game.

Access wise things couldn't be better. not only is the games' default layout extremely simple with standardized frames, list boxes, buttons and no weerd controls, but there are many ways to customize it as well, for instance shoosing list boxes or a navigation bar with links for most of the top menue controls.

unusually for a game that makes use of many statistics and resources, Muelsfell also features an abundence of very well written text, that explains all aspects of the game extremely clearly as well as giving you a very good picture of it's setting. There are also several help pages and a comprehensive tutorial when you begin the game that takes you through building your first golem .

Perhaps the only miner access issue is navigating the world map, sinse this works by images with lables like x=1, y=-1, or x=0, y=-1 rather than more standard north, northeast etc. This however is not a problem once you realize the x axis goes across and the y axis goes up and down, and the numbers merely refer to your position, ---- for instance x=1 y=-1 indicates that your going one space to the east (x=1), and one to the south (y=-1), thus meaning southeast. Furthermore, if you have a premium account you can simply hit the numbered links on the map to instantly go to an area, and then can enter a region with monsters to send your golem against by clicking on it's name.

The game is entirely free to play, and all areas and activities in the game are accessible in the free version. However, a premium subscription costing 5 usd for 30 days, or even less if using some higher payment options does exist. Premium accounts have various bennifits in interface such as a complete absense of all adds on game pages and the ability to create customized links to any page on the game, however the major advantages with a premium account are the ability to more easily jump around the map mentioned above, and being able to have up to five building projects active at once. Premium tickits may also be bought and redeamed for several bennifits as well, noteably a complete lack of pvp, which costs 15 tickits for 30 days worth (which is very litle considdering that 100 tickits cost seven dollars).

Though perhaps a more careful and strategic game than some being as you need to wait for several events such as your resources to fill, Muelsfell does provide a very interesting blend of gameplay styles, all coming with nicely written text, a very individual setting, many uniquely described monsters and a very different take on magical combat, and is therefore deffinately recommended for anyone who enjoys a good rpg, ---- or indeed a good stratogy game.


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