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Music Puzzle

title:Music Puzzle
download page:link
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Shard workshop
release:December 2012
last edit by:Dark


Music puzzle is one of those games which has an extremely simple premise which is quite unique in it's execution. The basic idea of the game resembles that of a jigsaw puzzle, however instead of having to assemble a picture from a set of scattered peaces, the object is to reassemble a peace of music from a number of fragnments.

The game lets you choose your own peace of music, and into how many peaces it it is split. Then you can use the arrow keys and spacebar to pick up peaces and move them around the board composed of up to five horizontal areas known as ribbons. The object of the game is to assemble the fragments in the right order to complete your music file on the top most ribbon (the others are there to aide your sorting, but can be removed if you find them destracting).

Choose to play with a time limit or without, and into how many peaces each file is broken. You can also choose any file you want to make a puzzle of, in mp3 flak or og format it doesn't matter, and can be played in several languages including English, Spanish and Italian, with the possibility to create other language packs to translate the game.

the only miner complication with the game is that there is no standard options file either for selecting languages or for changing elements such as number of ribbons, you need to edit the configuration file, this is extremely easy to do, simply a matter of opening a fairly standard text file in notepad or your favourite text editer, and a detailed explanation can be found in the manual. Also, note that while the game outputs all it's text telling you menues etc, you still will need to go through a standard windows dialogue to open whatever file you want the puzzle to be made from, so completely shutting off your screen reader isn't adviseable.

The above link will download the light version, while the complete music puzzle may be perchiced for 7 usd. The principle difference betwene the two is that in the light version, you can only split each music file into ten fragments at most, where as in the full game you can have a far more complex puzzle with many more fragments to sort through. Also, the full version adds two new modes for extra challenge, by raising or lowering the pitch of the over all file thus making it harder to recognize specific areas.

happy puzzling.


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