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Mythic reign

title:Mythic reign
download page:No link!
platform:Online web browser
release:2014, Ongoing
features:text, visuals
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The world is not what it was. The vale between the worlds has torn, and portals have opened to the land of Ozryn, leading to a new eclectic age where modern technology exists along side mythical races, and elemental magic is common place. Now, Humans fight for survival in a world populated by faeries, vampires, dragons and a host of other unusual races, battle has become a way of life, demigods attack, and only the strongest have a chance of carving out a place in this new reality.

The game itself is a battle focused rpg similar in some respects to alien adoption agency, though with it's own unique style and flavour. When you begin, use the "finish quests" link to attend the extensive new player tutorial which will walk you through most key aspects of the game, from battling other players, to mining ore and and forging equipment, to training your stats in the gym, to exploring the mountains for loot, and even learning magic spells.

One of the most unique aspects of Mythic reign, is that much of the game is intended to be as quick and easy to play as possible whilst providing a huge amount of things to do. For example whilst you can be attacked by other players, this means comparatively little, since no matter how often your attacked and loose, it will never harm your progress. Similarly, even if you lose in a duel to someone else, a quick trip to the regeneration centre will have you fighting again.

Though the game is very much themed around battling, one thing which makes it truly adictive, is the massive amount of goals to aim for and tasks to accomplish. Firstly, the new player tutorial isn't the only place you'll find quests, since the game does have an ongoing story in which you'll meet various residents of Osrin and discover an ongoing threat. Then, there are daily tasks, a variety of small challenges each day such as winning a certain number of pvp battles, mining a certain amount of ore, or exploring a given number of times, which always provide something to aim at each day. There are then additional challenges and deeds to complete, as well as group quests which you undertake along with other players, regular attacks by powerful demigods which must be repulsed, and even extra quests to complete should you join a domain.

As well as many quests and tasks to complete, another key fact in mythic reign is that advancement is very quick. Instead of just running one level to another in a constant flow, once you hit level 50 you'll advance to a new league, opens up more of the game, which means yet more tasks to complete, such as recruiting and caring for a pet, challenging the elemental arena with your magic, or learning to craft magic orbs.

All actions in the game cost energy, with players earning 10 energy every 10 minutes, however even if you run out of energy, you can still buy a warrior of your own and play the drudge fighting minigame for free until it regenerates.

IN addition to the many tasks and battles, the game also has a highly developed role playing focus for those interested, from dedicated rp chat, forums and links, to even player written stories set in the world of Osrin which can be read at the in game archives, indeed for what appears a comparatively short battle game, the amount of lore is quite surprising; you can even click on a link with every in game Npc to learn a little more about them, just to add to the flavour of the world.

The game is playable by default with a screen reader being mostly text, although some aspects such as oddly labelled graphics and lack of headings can be irritating. However, Tempest has created a screen reader friendly layout which includes headings for game content, battle results and other things, more helpful labels for navigation links, and is in general a major improvement all aroundd. Eventually, the screen reader layout should be possible to access from the game's settings, however for now, just reply to This thread on the online forum to request access.

Since the layout is still a slight work in progress, there are one or two aspects of the game that might require some advanced navigation techniques, such as reading mouseover information on the perks or orb crafting pages, and some places where clicking of textual hotspots is necessary since there aren't convenient headings yet. However, these are very much in the minority, and are more than possible to deal with on the occasions they come up. Unfortunately, one of these is the character setup page, since whilst it's quite possible to choose your race and elemental type, the buttons to gain information on these do not read correctly, though since all the races and elements are essentially aesthetic choices and don't have any effect on your in game stats this shouldn't be too much of a problem.

the game is entirely free to play, however various benefits can be had by donating. The first of these is mythic elite status, which is a subscription to the game costing roughly 5 usd a month, though various other options are available providing more bennifits. This gives 12 energy every 10 minutes for an extra 192 per day (with a cap of 4000 rather than 2000 energy), as well as the ability to use quick attack in battles, and use more energy per fight, gaining more experience and loot. Elite status also gives access to Ambar perks. Ambar, the game's premium currency may be found in the game, bought or traded, and can be exchanged for several handy options, from instant energy refills, to useful character tweaks like the ability to use more energy and mine more resources with each click, or even start a variety amber quests with extra bennifits.

With a massive amount to do each day, a surprisingly addictive formula, and a focus on being quick to put up and easy to progress, Mythic reign is definitely one of the best options for anyone who wants a quick dose of daily battling in a fantasy kingdom, with a variety of distinct targets to aim for and different challenges to complete, and therefore comes highly recommended.


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