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Nebula game

title:Nebula game
download page:No link!
genre:Space invaders Games
developer:Grey company
release:August 2014
features:text, sound, visuals
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While Space invaders in audio is far from a new concept, Nebula manages to come up with yet another rather unique take on the idea, wrap it up with some modernizations such as multiplayer and achievements, and package it all on a hand held platform.

With respect to the game "nebula" refers to several things. Firstly, the Nebula defense force, a group of 2000 ships created by the galactic federation for offense and defense and various military missions. Secondly (and most obviously), it refers to large clouds of gas and particles drifting in space. Sinse these gas clouds often obscure vision, technology has been developed to pinpoint enemy ships, oncoming space debris and useful upgrade items by virtue of the sounds they make.

In terms of gameplay therefore Nebula is actually a fully graphical game which plays somewhat like the arcade classic Galaxian. Your ship is located at the bottom of the screen and (as with the classic space invaders), enemies are close to the top firing down, moving randomly etc. Also however occasionally dangerous space junk can drift down towards you, while sometimes power ups also appear that you want to grab. Enemy ships, their shots and other in game objects all make noticeable sounds, and of course you can pin point their position in the sterrio field, (headphones are highly recommended for this one).

Nebula however does not control quite in the way you would expect even for an Ios game, sinse to move your ship you need to tilt your Iphone or Ipad left and right, meaning that some fine coordination and likely a deal of practice is required for precise targeting. Also, Nebula is (as previously stated), a fully graphical game, and all in game objects will be represented on screen visibly as well as sounding in audio. However, occasionally nebulae will sweep across the playing field obscuring the graphics and meaning even sighted players must be reliant on the audio.

The game also has a lot of content to play through. There is a tutorial which introduces the sounds and concepts of the game, and of course like any arcade title there is an endless adventure mode. In addition however you can play multiplayer, challenging someone else across the world to beat your score. Lastly, (and most uniquely of all for this style of arcade game), there is a long campaign mode of 9 chapters each broken into several missions. These have dramatic, fully voiced introducttory sequences with sounds and music that let you know what sort of ships your fighting and why, whether battling space pirates on a fuel run or combating the vangard of an invasion.

Chapter 1 of the campaign, along with the tutorial and endless mode may all be played for free, however chapters 2-9 and the multiplayer option are only available in the full version, which costs just 2 dollars, or roughly 1.2 british pounds, or 1.5 Euroes.

Voiceover is used to read all the on screen controls and can be left running while playing, although the introductions to the story mode and several other peaces of game audio are self voiced.

Additional resources.

As is usually the case with Ios games, there is This page on The Applevis site dedicated to Nebula.

Nebula game is proof that even the hory old audio space invaders idea can be used to create a very challenging and extremely modern game, as well as one accessible to anyone with or without vision, and therefore is definitely worth a try.


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