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New Horizons

title:New Horizons
download page:link
genre:Simulation games
release:January, 2019
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


In 1984, the game Elite brought an entirely new and unexpected genre of games to light, the space trading simulation. Equipped with a spaceship flying in real time, the player needed to fly between planets and galaxies, buying cheap, selling high, dodging space pirates and nasty aliens along the way. Now, thanks to Freeman69, that experience comes to the world of audiogames in the form of New Horizons.

Flying a spaceship entirely in real time, the object of the game is to make money and rise in rank from harmless, to elite. How you do this is up to you. Trade goods (legal or otherwise), between planets and space stations, Mine asteroids or search nebulae and gas giants for valuable resources to sell, or take on courier contracts from robots and aliens transporting secret packages far across space.

Of course, the galaxy is far from safe, countless pirates and bounty hunters wait to prey on unwary ships, and even the most peaceful trader or miner will need to run for cover sometimes, and make wise use of their ship's overdrive and hyperspace jumps in order to arrive safely with their cargo.

The game is played entirely in a first person view, with ships able to turn left or right, use hyperspace jumps to travel between star systems, and change their speed, piloting will take a little getting used to, but can be mastered with practice.

With missions to undertake from alien species which expand the game's world, 17 different ships to choose between, stellar bodies from planetoids to pulsars to be discovered across a massive ten thousand star systems, as well as advanced activities like robot mining or owning your own moon, New Horizons is a truly huge and highly addictive game which you'll be playing for a good long while..

Though the game has some line drawing, place holder graphics, the game is of course entirely accessible using sound alone. New Horizons outputs freely to Jaws, nvdA and microsoft Sapi, and (surprisingly), is absolutely free. Bare in mind NvdA users should turn off the "Speech interupt for typed characters" function under Keybaord in Nvda's settings, to avoid interrupting status announcements whenever you move your ship.

aditional resources

To help in surmounting the game's learning curve, someone called Dark has written This New Horizons guide which explains all aspects of game play.

With highly addictive gameplay and a massive amount to discover and explore, new Horizons is absolutely a must play.

Beware of space pirates!


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