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New moon

title:New moon
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developer:New moon
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At first glance, new moon might seem to be the standard fantasy mud in which you get to wander around a medieval style kingdom playing as the usual fantasy races such as humans, elves and dwarfs, fighting monsters, learning magic and perfecting your character's skills. Two things however set new moon apart from similar mud games, the first, which will be obvious from the second you log into the game, is the beautiful and highly immersive writing style. Virtually every object can be examined, with the text painting a vivid picture of the world around you, indeed the game's basic character creation in which you choose a race, class and modify your character's statistics is a unique and immersive experience.

The second astounding thing about New moon, is the game's quests. though combat does exist, and indeed is slower and a little more tactical than in most muds, the main way your character advances through the game is by noticing things in the world around them, exploring, finding tasks and challenges to perform. Even skills which exist from mining and cooking to calligraphy and magical writing exist as part of the ongoing experience participating in the game's world.

Even the game's more advanced classes and options come with exploration and the use of your skills rather than simply choosing from a menu.

The game has some extensive screen reader though being as it isn't a super fast hack n slash, most commands are fairly easily understood, however, This page on screen reader information, is provided to give people some handy tips on playing.

The game is entirely free to play and should provide quite a lot of fun to aspiring explorers, so anyone interested should point their mud client at eclipse.cs.pdx.edu port 7680.

Happy mudding.


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