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Obsessive Compulsive

title:Obsessive Compulsive
download page:link
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Jeremy Kaldobsky also known as Aprone
last edit by:staindaddict


Obsessive compulsive was a small, but highly unique game developed by Aprone for the 2012 BGt development competition run by blastbay studios. The object of the competition was to use the developement tool Blastbay game toolkit to design an audio game in under two months.

The basic idea behind Obsessive compulsive is some rather schizophrenic brain training in three areas of logic, all introduced by the fairly creepy sounding voices in your head. There are no directly write or wrong answers, however the game's object is to avoid contradiction as you engage in three basic tasks:

  • Sorting: sort the objects into categories. When presented with the name of an everyday object, such as a cup or a car, hit the number keys to decide what category to put it in. However, note that once you've decided what category something goes into, you cannot put it somewhere else later. so if you put car in category 4, whenever later you are presented with car, it must go in category 4 otherwise you will incur a penalty. Each category can also only hold a limited number of items, so you also need to remember how many objects you've put in each place too.

  • Grouping: this time your presented with three objects, and must split them into a group of 2 and 1. So if you had potato, knife, car, and decided knife and car belonged together, then fish, cup, knife and decided knife and cup belonged together, later you would have to put car and cup in the same group or again incur a penalty. Though a simple concept, by the time you have dozens of groups and many objects remembering what goes where will seriously challenge your mind.

  • comparing: the last minigame involves comparing two objects on some imaginary scale and once again working out your own logical system. So if you decide that a car jumps higher than a knife and a knife jumps higher than a fish, then a car must logically jump higher than a fish. This task is especially crazy given that the phrases and comparisons you are asked to make are rarely sensible ones, and depend far more on whatever standards you give them than any sort of real world physics.

Each of these three tests contributes to your over all score which can be viewed from the main menu along with statistics about the game. With some cheerful background music and crazy voices, Obsessive compulsive is far more challenging than it might sound, and since it's free, it's highly recommended you give it a go and try and build up some mental muscles.

Further information about Aprones games can be found The audio archive site


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