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One button travel

title:One button travel
download page:No link!
developer:Code monkies
release:January 2016
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


One button travel is a truly unique twist on the original gamebook or choice based adventure system for a game, brought to you by the developers of Lost cities

The One button travel company offers you the chance of a life time, a holiday in the future by their own unique time travel system. The only problem is, shortly after you sign up you'll quickly learn that the whole thing is a fake, the company just froze people with the idea of reviving them when time travel was invented, and sadly it never was. Fortunately for you, your phone has got somehow linked to that of a person who has already been through this process, a stranded exile in a run down future where people's brains are chipped with layers of corporate protection and the stranded are regarded as second class citizens.

If you can help your friend in the future survive detection, escape the compound where she/he is held with other stranded and reach a resistance, you might also be able to find the way to cancel your one button trip before you find yourself frozen too.

The game takes a new twist on the traditional gamebook style formula by being a text conversation held in real time with a person in the future. Every so often, new texts will appear and you'll be given a choice of response, however when your friend sleeps, gets knocked out, or just wants to chat for a while, you'll have to wait until you get another notification to talk back, waiting anything between five minutes and a couple of hours. This gives the game a very immersive, immediate quality, particularly since you get notifications on your phone just like actual texts (and on your apple watch if you have one). Should you want a more traditional gamebook style adventure, you can of course turn the real time option off in the game's menu, though it's recommended to play with it on.

The game has a self voicing option directly outputting to your phone's synth, as well as an atmospheric soundtrack to increase the immersion factor, though the text is readable with standard vo gestures if you prefer.

The game costs 3 dollars, but for anyone who enjoys complex time travel mysteries, paradoxes, and a grim take on what the information age could becomethe price might be well worth it, especially considering that with the real time option the game will take quite a while to play through.

As is usual with Ios games, One button travel has This page on Applevis

Happy travelling.


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