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Papa Sangre 2, the museum of memories

title:Papa Sangre 2, the museum of memories
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genre:First person adventure
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Sadly in 2016, Somethinelse utterly abandoned their games and all games development. This means that since they could no longer updating their games to work with current versions of Ios, they've been removed from the ap store, which, given the awesome quality of what was available is a dam shame.

Papasangre 2 is another audio action adventure title from Somethinelse for the Iphone, a return to the dark and surreal world of Papasangre The synister Mexican God of the dead.

This timerather than just taking on Papasangre's various nasty palaces, your mission is a little more mysterious. You are dead! though you think that's an Iphone your holding, and that your sitting comfortably in the real world, all that is a lye, just a memory of your previous existance. The only way to discern the truth is to trust your ears and the voice of your guide. There may be a way back to the world of the living, but this will mean entering Papasangre's Museum of Memories, a place where your existance depends upon the knolidge of the living world and where you risk being lost forever as a spirit with no purpose or thoughts of your own.

Of course, being the realm of Papasangre, there is a monstrous menagerie waiting in the rooms of the Museum, though also a mystery to be uncovered and a story to learn as you progress through different times and memories of different lost souls.

Similarly to the first game Papasangre 2 plays out by having you tap the left and right bottom corners of the screen to maneuver your feet. Now however you also have hands! by hitting the top left and right corners you can control your hands. Shoot ducks, open doors, scare away animals with a clap or smash open bottles, the game contains many ways to test your manual dexterity. Additionally, while as before you can of course swipe the top of the screen to turn, Papasangre 2 also gives you some different options. Tilt the Iphone or even use the gyroscope which will detect what direction your facing and move your character accordingly. This adds another level of physical interaction and immersion to an already deeply atmospheric game and is definitely worth a try.

The game is completely self voicing, via your mysterious guide, who is also played by Lord Boromir Stark himself, the British Actor Sean Bean. With game center achievements and levels with some quite unique challenges, the game also has more replay value than it's predecessor as well.

The game is available for 7 usd from the Ap store, and is well worth it.

As with most Iphone titles you can Find the Papasangre 2 page on applevis here

Though no demo of the game is available, you can have a listen to This playthru By Gorthallon and Pitermach from the forum, though bare in mind this is a full play thru of the game with commentary, so beware of spoilage.

Everything from the gyro control to the story and use of hands for puzzle elements is a step up from the first game, therefore if you enjoyed original Papasangre you will certainly enjoy this, though with a careful tutorial, a great atmosphere and some very gritty acting from the Lord of Winterfell, this might also be a good introduction to audiogaming on the Iphone as well.


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