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Path of adventure

title:Path of adventure
download page:No link!
genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Jordin Kee
platform:Ios, Android
release:January, 2019
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Path of adventure is a classic dungeon crawl style rpg with some of the elements of a roguelike, (although all of the game is played in complete text and there is no need for Ascii). Starting out as a rogue, make your way along the path of adventure to try and defeat the monster waiting in the castle of doom. Of course, your journey won't be an easy one. Lots of monsters and traps lie before you well as treasure and loot aplenty, and you'll need both tactics and luck to succeed in your quest. Particularly notable, is the combat in the game which is split up into rounds of first attacking, then defending, requiring you to have both an attacking weapon and a defensive item such as a shield; alternatively you can rely on your speed and ability to dodge. Each weapon also has a durability stat, meaning it'll break apart after a few fights and you'll have to find/buy/steel a replacement, or else resort on your ability to run away and live to fight another day.

Also in the tradition of a Roguelike, the game is intentionally a little random, so you never know what items, spells or monsters might be in the next dungeon, this includes a number of possible boss monsters waiting at the end of the path to challenge you. As with many roguelikes, the game also features permenant ddeath, though of course careful tactics and wise use of items can vastly improve your chances. .

If you complete the game as a rogue, you can replay with a different character class such as warrior, assassin or mage, each equipped with a different special item to help them along.

You can play the tutorial and the first third of the rogue's game for free (either in the Ios/android version or as a web browser demo on the developer's above website). The full game costs just two dollars.

The game is %100 accessible on both Ios and android, with buttons for your inventory and character stats at the top, and the action near the bottom, particularly note worthy from an access perspective, is the way that different buttons change according to what your doing, for example the "use" button next to a healing potion will tell you how much life it'll restore, whilst in a shop, the "drop" buttons next to each item change to a "sell" button with the listed price. Extensive work has also gone into providing several headings to speed up navigation and let flick quickly between different sections of the game, such as your and your opponent's stats in battle, or item categories in the inventory, it's therefore recommended Voiceover users use the roter to switch between headings to speed up navigation.


Aditional resources

As usual with Ios titles Path of adventure has Its own page on Applevis

Forumite and advanced adventurer Benf has also written an extensive guide to the game, detailing items, tactics and helpful strategies read it Here in our articles room

with an easy to understand system free from complex stat crunching, simple yet tactical combat, ample chances to break off the path and explore extra ruins and dungeons, a number of magic spells and spell effects, as well as magic items ranging from mushrooms to totems to discover, you certainly won't be short of places to explore, plus, with the game always having that idea that one more try might carry you a little farther, even if you die don't expect to escape the game becoming highly addictive.


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