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Path to pelantas

title:Path to pelantas
download page:No link!
genre:Strategy Games
developer:Glorious games
platform:Online web brouser
features:text, visuals
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though there are still several mentions of it on online review sites, the main website for the Path to Pelantas game seems to no longer be available, so failing any new information coming to light, the game is assumed to no longer be playable.

Path to Pelantas is probably one of the more unique online multiplayer fantasy themed stratogy games available. For one thing, while you do indeed play the role of a Lord in charge of a homestead and must make decisions about taxation and trade, your main goal in the game isn't the enrichment of your lands, ---- but the management of your heroes.

In an odd mix of rpg and generalship, you must take command of a group of heroes of various races, all of whome have different specialities and strengths, and all of whome may be trained in a variety of skills, funded by your hard working populus.

As in many other games, you can have your heroes battle other players, but also you can send them out to gain fame and glory hunting monsters in the wilderness, completing quests, or even give them a night off in the tavern if they're looking a bit down in the dumps).

All these actions are heavily described in detail and though stats play a heavy part in the game's management, in game actions are presented in a quite atmospheric way.

Perhaps the most unusual thing in Path to Pelantas is the time scale. The game runs at real time with different events occurring on different days. you therefore merely need to logue in a couple of times a week to select your heroes for the weekly hunts and battles and maintain your holdings, then logue back in at another point to gain information. While on the one hand this does make the game far slower than many pure combat stratogy games, it does also mean this game won't eat up all the time in your life either, and will stil provide fun with it's rich descriptions.

The game is free to play, however donations may be swaped for extra oppertunitties to battle or other in game rewards.

Though the game is not inaccessible to screen readers as all information is textual, a good working knolidge of a screen reader is deffinately recommended sinse the game can sometimes feature complex columns of information, and often list boxes. Also note that in many cases, a number of in game variables must be set on any given page, ---- and must be set properly for the action to happen. Reading the online manual found on the game's homepage is therefore deffinately a must if your planning on embarking on a path to glory.

Due to some changes to the homepage, the signup button is currently an inaccessible graphic. This is however not a problem sinse you can just use this direct link to the signup page to register your details for the game.

Thanks to forum member bladestorm 360 for information about this game.


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