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Peaches and cream

title:Peaches and cream
download page:No link!
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Nathan Tech
release:December 2017
last edit by:Dark


Nathan Tech are currently rewriting several of their games to no longer use the BGT programming language, therefore Peaches and cream, like the boat simulator is temporarily unavailable, but will probably receive a remake in the future.

Sadly, Nathantech haven't discovered a way for your computer to start dispensing desserts, but they have created an entertaining memory game which is sure to challenge your brain.

The principle of the game is simple, especially for anyone who has played the game sometimes called concentration or brainiac. Move around a 5 x 5 board of tiles with various objects hidden beneath them. Each turn, turn over two tiles, if you find matching objects they're removed from the board, none matching tiles however will be turned face down again and you'll need to remember their position. Peaches and cream makes this a little trickier by giving you no coordinates or similar information so prepare to give your spacial memory a work out.

As with standard concentration, the object is to uncover all the hidden objects by matching them in as short a time as possible, however, Peaches and cream makes this a little more difficult with the edition of rotten fruit which can be found lurking under some tiles. uncover three rotten fruit in one sitting and the game is over. Fortunately, you can use a powerup get information about what is under the various tiles, but use these sparingly since you only have three.

Of course it doesn't stop there, since win enough games and you will level up, and be able to collect a number of in game trophies. Additionally, you can use the in build board creator to create new sets of objects for players to find if you don't fancy fruit hunting, the game indeed already comes with boards which range from English cities, to school items and even game systems.

The game outputs to Nvda, Window eyes, Jaws and Sapi and is %100 free. It will also run on any version of Windows from xp to Windows 10, though since Windows defender has issues with the game it's recommended to make the folder you install the game in an exception before installing it or otherwise you might end up with missing files.

Happy hunting.


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