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genre:Interactive fiction
developer:Malinch Entertainment
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Since Malinche entertainment closed their doors in 2014 and stopped selling their if titles, all of the Pentori games, along with their other commercial interactive fiction is no longer available.

pentari, is the free prequal to Malinche Entertainment's commercial Pentari series, begining in Pentari first light As a captain in your city's military, you expect a weekend off to be quite relaxing. Unfortunately, you suddenly find yourself transported to the main city library where a wizard informs you that a long abandoned Duke's castle seems to have now become residence to an ancient evil known as the Dark 1. It's your task to despose of this undead sorcerer for the safety not just of the kingdom, but the entire world of Pentari!

With a classic writing style and puzle based theme, this free first in the Pentari series of interactive fiction is deffinately intreaguing!


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