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Pentari, Second dawn

title:Pentari, Second dawn
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genre:Interactive fiction
developer:Malinch Entertainment
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Since Malinche stopped selling their interactive fiction titles in 2014 and vanished from the internet soon afterwards, all of the Pentori games are for all practical purposes no longer available.

Second dawn is another fantasy interactive fiction adventure from Malinche set in the world of Pentari. Sequal to Pentari, first light, see index You once again take on the roll of an adventurerous military type. Thanks to your previous exploits however, you've been raised to the exaulted position of Governer of the newly founded city of Lindon, sixth city of the empire.

With lots of magic, a compelling writing style, spells, mystical artifacts and a huge world to explore, going from coal mines to sandy beaches, ---- not to mention the need to defend your city against invaders, this game has plenty to do.

An interesting point about Pentari, second dawn is that it takes place at the same time as Pentari, the apprentice and allows you to play through the same scenario and events from the perspective of the city's governer, rather than a failed apprentice wizard bent on rescuing his guild master. You can even run both games in separate windows and play them together for a fully immersive experience.


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