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Phrase madness

title:Phrase madness
download page:link
genre:Trivia games
developer:Ken downy, the Pioneer
platform:Windows, windows mobile.
features:text, sound
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Phrase madness is one of those deceptively symple concepts wrapped up in a very humourus package. The game play is extremely straight forward. Take a large number of common phrases from films and music in popular culture to biblical quotes to proverbs, snap them in half and try and match the halves up concentration style. not only does this create a challenge for any language lovers, but also has some amusing results, results that the phrase madness game takes to the full.

Take for instance the phrases "standard operating procedure" and "pin the tale on the donkey" remove both ends and mix them up and you might find yourself encountering a "standard operating donkey" it is just this sort of humerous mix up that Phrase madness gives you as you try and sort through the whacky fragments and put the phrases back together.

The games' interface is very symple. choose to play with anywhere betwene 5 and 26 phrases which are mapped to corresponding letter keys. Pressing a letter with the shift key (as would happen when writing a capital letter), you get the start of a phrase, pressing without you get the end, place a correct start and end together, and the phrase is removed from play. In single player mode, you can see how many turns it takes to match up all the phrases on the board, and thus challenge yourself, while obviously when playing with other people the player who matches all phrases together fastest wins.

It is not however only in it's basic gameplay that phrase madness provides entertainment. A host of funny sound affects, full recordings of all the phrases, and most of all the ability to listen to and even reccord your own comments on some of the crazier combinations, simply by hitting the comma key when you try a particular phrase (obviously you will need a microphone plugged into your computer to do this). Any snide Comments you make, and indeed newly recorded phrases can be sent to the developer to be included in the full game as well, meaning that the game has a lot of potential for expantion, especially in it's humour.

The demo version of the game will let a player play with the first fifty phrases, including reccording their own comments, however to get full access to the entire phrase bank (currently standing at about 330 phrases), it's necessary to buy the game for ten dollars. To access the demo version, simply type "demo" when phrase madness prompts for a username.

For a more complete look at the game you can Have a listen to this trailer recorded by Ken himself, which shows off some of the stranger combinations of phrases.

Happy combining.


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