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Pirate memory game

title:Pirate memory game
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While the developers of the Klango system went on to create the Klango network, nothing has been heard about this, their first title for a significantly long time and sinse they've dropped off even from the main Klango scene the status of Pirate memory game is ambiguous.

Pirate Memory Game is the first game built and run in the audio gaming environment Klango, which uses a standardized interface and menue commands to run their games.

the game is a varient of the classic concentration memory puzle, in which several pairs of matching cards are mixed up and placed face down on a grid like board. Each turn the player selects two cards to turn over, and if a pair is discovered the cards are removed from the board, where as if the cards don't match their turned over again with their position remaining the same. the player must therefore use a combination of trial and error, logic, and above all their memory to discover all the pairs and win.

In Pirate memory game, the players movement around the board is represented by volume and sterrio sounds, and the pairs of cards are represented music or sound clips. the game also offers increasingly difficult concentration puzles with more pairs of cards to match, a larger board, and progressively smaller amounts of time to complete each puzle.

Pirate memory game also offers a new twist on the standard concentration formular with a points system, where the time a player has remaining on the clock at the end of each puzle is converted into score. Discovering multiple pairs in a row can also gain the player time bonuses, which not only mean a break from frantic thinking, but more points as well, and the more points, the more chance of landing a high rank on the Klango games hall of fame.

Obviously the most noticeable change in Pirate Memory Game from classic concentration is the addition of pirates! All puzles are presented by a man of the sea and his faithful parrot who speaks out points and time, (and don't expect him to treat you gently if your grain fails you).

the game also features a large amount of music and appropriately nortical sounds for the cards, the board, and the environment. you can in fact choose one of four thematic sound environments for the game, The peer, the beach, the sea or the birds' island, which adds a lot of replay value, especially as some card sound effects are more memorable than others.

the demo version of the game is limited only to the first four levels on the peer environment. If you decide to buy the game, you'll recieve an E-mail with instructions and a link to download the full version.

Pirate Memory Game is entirely self-voicing and no screen reader is needed to play. you will however need to install the Klango environment for the game to run, ---- but the option to download and install Klango will appear during the installation of Pirate memory Game.

Additional Resources.

you can discuss Pirate Memory Game and anything else to do with klango Here on the Klangogames forum

and you can Listen to this review of the game, posted on Blind cool tech. please note that the review is rather quiet so you might have to turn your volume up a bit.


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