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Pitchblack, Audio pong

title:Pitchblack, Audio pong
download page:No link!
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Purple Jam games
platform:Windows, Mac, Ios, Android
release:March, 2020
last edit by:Dark


In the crumbling, futuristic city of dusklight, everyone from bar flies, to farmers to the emperor himself needs a little diversion from time to time, and what better diversion than a classic style arcade game from the 1970's. Though not quite the first ever computer game of all time, Pong is undoubtedly one of the most well known, with countless different versions and remakes over the years, including a few audio ones. However, the idea of moving left and right to bounce a ball around a table is just as popular now, as it was way back when.

In the Pitchblack version of the game, as in many audio variants, you play from the paddle's perspective and need to move left and right to target the oncoming ball to bounce it back at your opponent, being careful when it is likely to bounce off the walls of the playing area. Get it in your opponents' goal, you win a point, miss the ball, you lose a point. The match is decided by the first to three points.

What makes Pitchblack's version of audio pong really stand out is the audio itself. The ball's movement is rather uniquely shown by a series of beeps reminiscent of the classic computer game, with the rate of the beeps increasing as the ball gets closer. Also, unlike in other audio pong games, you have some control over the ball's direction. Hitting the ball with the side of the paddle (when the ball's beeping is slightly left or right of centre), will cause the ball to ricochet off in a random direction, and is far more likely to outfox your opponent.

As well as the surprisingly tactical gameplay , this is very much a game with a specific setting, played across 9 arenas each with it's ambience, you will encounter a wide range of opponents to challenge you, each with a variety of different win and loss messages, making you feel that you're playing against real people with their own personalities, indeed since Dustlight is the planned location of the upcoming major 3D adventure title Pitchblack, Audio pong serves not just as a quick audio diversion, but also a chance to explore the city and meet some of it's inhabitants early.

The game can be played in either tournament mode, in which you need to win five matches and finally challenge the emperor, or endless mode, where your goal is to survive for as many rounds as possible whilst the ball gets faster and faster. Once the game ends, input your initials with either swipes or the arrow keys (use up and down to move between letters, and left and right to move between the first, second and third initial), and see how you fair on the world wide pong scoreboard.

The game costs just £2 to buy, and is available Here for windows, Here for Mac and on the google and Apple ap stores respectively.

Happy bouncing, and beware of fanatics.


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