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Planet saga

title:Planet saga
download page:link
genre:Japanese games
developer:Galaxy Laboratory
release:July 2018
features:text, sound, visuals
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Written in some ways as a follow up to Galaxy laboratory's ever popular Shadow line, Planet saga is an action/rpg adventure which will take you to the stars themselves.

It is the 25th century. Human kind has spread out into space, forming treaties with other galactic races and looking for new worlds to colonise. One system however defies scientific exploration, since whilst the main planet of the system seems earthlike, there are powers and dangers which even the most advanced science cannot explain. For this reason it has been named the mysterage system. As a member of the twealth mission under commander elto, it is your job to land on the third planet, known as mysteria and investigate. Unfortunately, an unknown accident leaves the shuttle wrecked and the mission stranded. Together with Elto, the mission's leader, Mina your forthright co worker, and Paro your adventurous local guide, you will need to explore mysteria, investigate it's natural resources and talk to the human like population in an effort to get your shuttle back up and running and return home. This means an epic journey through mysteria's countryside, finding, crafting and using a variety of items, undertaking quests and tasks for local inhabitants, and even investigating the strange powers known as magic.

Where Shadow line played from a single perspective, one thing which is incredibly unique about planet saga, is that it is actually several different styles of game rolled into one. During dungeons or when travelling between locations, take on a side scrolling perspective moving with the arrows, jumping with the x key and using c and v to attack with items held in your left and right hands respectively. Encounter pits, locked doors and ledges to jump on, and remember to keep up with your inventory with the tab key, watch your hearts with h, and use the s key to view what is around you.

When in villages, the game perspective changes to one more similar to shadow line. Move around in four directions with the arrows, and use enter to interact with people and objects. If this wasn't enough, on the world map, matters change again. This time, use control and the arrow keys to change the direction your facing, then use the arrows to walk in the respective directions, EG if facing south, up arrow moves south, left arrow west, and right east, remember though, the planes and mountains of Mysteria are stilll home to vicious creatures, so you'll need to stay alert and ready for hand to hand combat.

As well as navigation, another major new element in the game is crafting. Whether in dungeons or the world map, hit enter to gather resources, which can range from herbs and buries, to cotton, wood and water, then use recipes to combine these resources into useful items, from weapons and armour, to cooking recipes to restore lost health. Also, note that since inventory space is limited, you'll need to make use of the storehouse to drop off extra resources. .

And where do you get these crafting recipes? Why by talking to people and carrying out quests of course, since whether loggers needing timber, herbalists looking for a quick meal or hungry villages wanting a fish or two, you'll find the life of a mysterian adventurer is a very busy one.

Also similarly to Shadow line, As well as being fully accessible in audio, the game also contains graphics, though if your playing by audio alone it is recommended to disable these, and if your finding the game slows your machine down, remember to change the frame rate, or turn graphics off in the game settings.

Hopefully the release of the full game won't be long, and in the mean time, the demo version is highly extensive, with a good few hours of gameplay.

Note that as the game is completely in Japanese, you will need some method of translation, such as the NVDA JGT addon to play, also you might need to hit the arrows a few times to select NVda as your screen reader when initially starting the game to get it to output in English.

With atmospheric music, lots of exploring and crafting, several modes of combat, including fishing and mining and a host of quests, tasks and items to make, it's likely that planet saga, once released will take the audiogames world by storm, so why not get in on the action early, especially since the demo is entirely free.


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