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Pontes sound puzzle

title:Pontes sound puzzle
download page:link
genre:Puzzle Games
developer:Pontes games
release:February, 2013
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


Pontes Sound puzzle is a great accessible twist on the concept of a jigsaw puzzle. Instead of breaking a picture into lots of different pieces which you need to rearrange to form the hole picture, it breaks up media files into bite sized chunks which you need to put into the right order to reconstruct the file.

The basic principle is simple. Choose a media file (ideally a piece of music though theoretically any file will do), then have the program break it into pieces, then use the left and right arrows and spacebar to pick up those pieces and move them around in order to try and reconstruct the hole file.

What makes the game unique, apart from its use of sound files, is the shear amount of options and customisation. Play with the keyboard or the mouse, on any version of Windows from Xp onwards. Choose how the puzzles are generated, including the length and number of pieces (, and what songs are used, and even, for extra challenge, specify a hole directory rather than given file, making your job all that harder since you won't necessarily know what track the game has selected.

Able to choose file types including Og, Flak, Mp1, mp2, Aiff and of course mp3, and even containing a minimal visual interface and the option to use the mouse instead of the keyboard, making this an ideal game to play with any level of sight. You can also Play in a number of languages including English and Pontes own native rumanian, Best of all, its absolutely free.

For a complete look at the game's features feel free to Read the manual here online

Happy puzzling.


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