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On the face of it, Popmundo is a massive online rpg mainly themed around being a successful music star. Pick your instrument, ranging from dulcimer to Piano, pick your genre from heavy metal to world music, then practice up those skills, book jam sessions and get ready to start playing shows, making recording contracts and touring the world. This is however only the tip of the Popmundo iceberg, since while you begin the game focused on music, the amount of stuff to do is so huge that game has virtually become a full scale life simulation. Engage in crimes, explore the world, have a job ranging from CEO of a successful business to being a firefighter, police officer or master criminal, engage in passtimes from fishing and reading to astrology, start relationships with other players, have children, get married and settle down and a hole lot more.

One of the most unique things about Popmundo is that the game is played entirely online in real time. One week of rl time is one day of game time. You can change your career and professional focus, receive updates in your diary about the activities you do. Also, note that some things, such as receiving rent payments or getting paid at your job occur during the week, E.G you always receive a pay check on Fridays.

While the game is huge and extremely complex, there are a lot of handy newbie tools to help you. In particular is a guide section. These are small tutorial type quests you can engage in, each giving you tasks to do which expand your knowledge of the game. Note that updates appear mainly under the first heading, so if you go to a new section and engage in a specific task, such as booking a jam session, you can usually find the most recent update by going to the first heading and then hitting up arrow once to see what has happened.

Its also worth noting that the game has a "newbie settings" option which removes some of the excess links around the screen to things such as VIP and credits options, and this option might be helpful when starting out since the game has a lot of links to navigate.

Speaking of VIP, the game is entirely free to play and there is an extremely large amount of free in game content, however a VIP mode is available which adds various options such as extra information on artist rankings, free jet and taxi transport around the game's world, the ability to have children which later become playable characters in their own right and the ability to engage in a few specialist jobs like priest or swat officer, VIP members can even fight zombies once a year on a specialist Halloween event.

In addition to VIP membership, there is also a special currency known as credits which can be exchanged for some extra special items and services such as specific types of clothing, the ability to get a sex change or engage in a few very specialist types of activities.

In terms of accessibility, everything in the game are standard web controls, in particular links, radial buttons and standard buttons. While there is a pretty huge amount of information, and many links spread over the page the explanations given on how to do what in the game are quite comprehensive so you hopefully shouldn't be too lost. Just bare in mind that when you clikc the "follow the white rabbit" button during the newbie guides, you will not actually be automatically jumped to the bit of the game you need but have to find the link yourself, though a message about what link to go to always appears towards the bottom.

For a bit more information about the game, check out The popmundo wiki

In many ways, Popmundo is more like a full scale second life game than just a statistical Mmorpg about the music business, so even if your primary interest is playing through life as another sort of person, you should find something to interest you here.


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