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Psycho Strike

title:Psycho Strike
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genre:Side Scroller
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Psycho Strike is a game in which you become the manager of a gang, going on missions around a city to become the meanest gang around. As such, the developer has advised that people under sixteen should not play this game.

gameplay takes the form of two components: a base where you manage your gang, including feeding them and equipping items and weapons, in an easy to use and rather logical menu environment. You gather all of these items, weapons and food by completing missions, which take the form of a side scroller where you battle enemies and collect these items. There are nine different locations, each of which has different items that you can collect. Some of these are self explanatory, such as the weapon shop where you collect new weapons and ammo, but some of them are a little different. For example, to recruit new gang members, you bust them out of the prison, or if you go to the factory you can collect mines and bombs to blast your enemies away. Finally, the police station will only appear if a gang member of yours gets arrested and you have other characters in your gang who are able to help.

In these environments, you use the left and right arrows to move, the up arrow to jump, the space bar to attack, and the number row to switch weapons. Each weapon has a different range, which means you will have to act quickly, and decide if you wish to approach your enemy from long range or close. Weapons such as long knives can be quite fast, but there are also pistols, revolvers, spears and whips that can be slightly more tricky to use due to either their range, or the fact that, in case of the guns, you have to reload them when you run out of ammo. This is done with the r key, but your enemies won't wait for you, so in the case of the police you will have to steer clear of their weapons first. You can also use the tab key to cycle through an inventory of items that your character has, such as medkits, mines or bombs, and use them by pressing enter. You complete a mission by going to the far left of the screen, where an object such as a door or truck is waiting for you to make a quick getaway, and pressing shift plus enter.

Once back at the base, any characters you took on the mission, including if you go solo, will gain experience and may level up. When they level up, they will gain hitpoints, strength and defense. While at the base, your characters will heal up, and it is important to feed them otherwise they will die of starvation. The more hitpoints they have, the longer it will take for them to heal. Once fully healed, it will be time for you to plan your next mission and cause more mayhem.

Psycho Strike has a lot of sound effects and music, but lacks some of the atmospheric ambiance for example inside the base menu, that vgstorm is known for. The menus and inventory are voiced using sapi, and the voice can be configured in the options menu. The developer has also partnered with Blastbay Studios, and it is assumed that Blastbay helped provide some of the music and voice acting, which makes the game sound have a high quality, cinematic feel about it.

If you like a game with a lot of action in it, and high quality sound design, you will enjoy Psycho Strike. However, the game doesn't really have an ending, but if you wish you can keep leveling up your characters. The demo version allows you to play the game as many times as you wish, but will end as soon as one of your characters reaches level 8. You can buy the game from vgstorm for 25 US dollars, approximately 15 British pounds or 20 euros.

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