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download page:No link!
developer:Ben Hendel-Doying
platform:Online web brouser
release:2004, ongoing
features:text, visuals
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Psypets is as you might expect, a game very much focused around the care and developement of various pet creatures. this is not however a pokemon style battle game (though batling does exist), but a game for those really interested in taking care of dynamic creatures with unique personalities, watching them grow and develope their own interests, craft a wide range of items, hunt for food and other materials, or adventure out in the forest fighting wild creatures for loot.

The underlying principle behind the game is the psychologist Abraham Maslow's higherarchy of needs. This states that in order to develope people, (or in this case psy pets), need to first satisfy a number of lower level needs such as shelter food and safety, and can then move on to higher level needs like love, companionship and self esteem. In the game, you fulfill the needs of your pet by feeding them, petting them, playing with them and having items in your house that increase love, safety or esteem, such as pillows and plushies to increase safety, paintings to increase esteem. Preparing food for your pet also adds to it's feeling of being loved. In return for this care, your pet will perform actions each hour. What your pet does depends upon it's individual personality and what it likes to do, work on crafting items, gather or hunt for materials, go and find npc monsters to defeat etc. Of course, to craft things, your pet needs materials in your house to work with, thus making it a good idea to have pets of different types.

Items your pet makes, finds or otherwise acquires can be sold either directly to the game, or (more lucratively), to other players in the markit, which makes money that you can use to buy food or materials you'll need for your pets.

Your pets of course level up as you care for them, and as they do activities and complete projects, thus letting you have access to more high level crafting and items in the game. Other minigames like the dayly adventure also exist, and you can have your pets compete against others in various park events such as battles, capture the flag and scavenger hunt to gain both experience and prizes, though this is of course optional.

Though each pet has it's own personality, you can also influence it's developement too by answering questions about it's personality and likes when it levels up, thus giving you some customization over what sort of pet you have.

The crafting and item management of the game is a very major aspect, whether that's giving your pets weapons to fight with, building tools to extend your house, or crafting materials to do anything from jewelery to sculpture. This also leads to many item management options in your house, such as the ability to create different rooms and identify which are protected ie, which your pet can enter or not (handy if you don't want your pet eating a priceless bonsai tree).

More good news, the game is entirely free to play. A favour currency exists if you donate to the game, 5 dollars equaling 500 favour, this can be used to buy some bonuses such as resurrecting your pets if they di through neglect or having a custom title for your character, but many of these bonuses are cosmetic, or may be obtained in game anyway.

Being a text based brouser game, the basic access elements such as links, buttons and the use of checkboxes are already in the game , but stil more useful are various options to customize the interface or behaviour of the game found in the account settings. It is for instanse possible to have items displayed as either text labled icons or a list, possible to choose whether clicking on an item for it's description displays it's info in the panel at the top of the page or in a separate page, and also possible to choose whether some items have right click options.

Most screen reader users should probably disable the floating menue that follows the mouse pointer, and some of the mouseover information to make viewing of the pages easier.

The account settings also hold some behaviour settings which people may or may not want to change. For instance, you can choose whether to have your pet automatically perform a certain number of it's hourly actions when you log in, or whether a button to use these hours individually should appear in your house.

though a slightly slower paced game owing to the fact that everything is based on pet actions, this is certainly one for those who like the idea of dynamically managing realistic creatures and taking good care of them, and seeing where their developement leads you, ---- sinse your pet could become the world's greatest potion maker, monster hunter or electronic engineer just depending upon where it's interests take it.


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