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genre:Arcade Games
developer:T J Squires (Maloc)
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Pull is a simulation of clay pigion shooting. You've gone to the park with a rather cruiel friend who owns a shooting range and a large rifle, and there plan to see how accurate you can be. Unfortunately, said friend is rather exacting, and will kick you off the range if you lose too much. So the objective is to hit as many pottery birds as you can, wracking up a high score in the process.

You'll need to cock, load and bring up your gun with the space, ctrl and up arrow keys before each shot, and also of course, you won't get a hit unless the sound of the flying clay pigion is in the center of your sterrio field (and the center fairly exactly). This all makes the initial easy arcade concept rather more challenging than it could be.

The game was created using Bgt see index page so you'll need that installed first off in order to run it.

The game is free, and uses sapi to output scores, menue text and such, though has some rather nice sounds for the flying pigions, park ambience, and your gun. Though more gameplay elements may well be added later, the game initially is certainly fun.


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