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Quentin C

title:Quentin C
download page:link
genre:Social game hub
platform:Windows, Online web client for Ios and Android
release:2010, ongoing
features:text, sound
last edit by:Pitermach


QuentinC's playroom aka game room, is a donation funded, client based service designed around the idea that people should be able to play a number of games at once with other people by connecting to a server and choosing from a rather versatile list. The roster of traditional favourites has seen random and rapid growth and currently contains 33 titles that are likely to produce endless hours of entertainment for anyone who wishes to be involved. Additionally, one can spend much of their time simply looking for friends to talk to using the free table option and other social features that have been integrated into the client for the social bird's convenience. The amount of flexible customisation available to the user also allows for a more comfortable playing experience, with settings ranging from messages and alerts, automatic history saving, audio and vocal synthesis, security and privacy, and if nothing suits you anymore and you wish to start over from scratch, the ability to restore to the default configuration.

The client connects to a server which has both the ability to create game tables to play with other players, join existing ones, or add fairly intelligent bots to games, should no one be connected to play with when you are. It is possible to communicate with other players to provide a more interactive experience when in a game, making play more exciting. Additionally, one can choose to watch a game if he or she does not feel like participating in the game directly by playing but does wish to be part of the action.

Instructions for all of the games can be found on the above website, and since the roster includes some less well known games this also makes Quentin C a great chance to try some games you might not have played before.

Playing on windows

To begin playing one must first download the client. Once launched you will be asked to provide a username and password to connect to the service. New players can tab a few times to navigate to the "create account" button, which, if pressed, will launch a page that will allow the user to register credentials to use later. Quick access keys also make this portion of the program fairly simple to use. Such keys include alt P for password, alt U for username, alt L for lost password, and alt C for the connect button, all of which, if pressed, will activate or jump you to that particular item in the client's first window.

The above link will download the latest version of the client, which is supported on versions of windows later than 7, though anyone still using Windows Xp or Vista will need to locate an older version of the client.

When connected, your cursor lands in a vertical list of options that allow you to create a new game/table, join an existing game, restore a previously saved game, change options, access functions like your friends list and the ability to save history logs, and exit the client, returning you to windows, Using home and end will take you to the first and last items in a list respectively. Page up and page down will allow you to navigate through any messages spoken by the client, and adding the control key will jump you to the first and last messages in the history. A messenger like buffer containing all history items is conveniently available and can be accessed by tabbing or shift tabbing to it, then read with standard reading commands. Also present is the edit box in which one can type out messages for others to read when playing a game together; sending a message is as simple as hitting enter.

Should you wish to play one of the games currently available, choosing the create new table will allow you to get started. Here, you are once again presented with a list including the following:

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