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Quick tap

title:Quick tap
download page:link
license:open source
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Oriol gaming zone
last edit by:Dark


Quicktap is yet another small, quick and easy arcade game by Oriol Gomez. Though released considerably earlier than many of his other titles, Quicktap in some ways could be thought of as the predecessor to later of Oriol's major rhythm action games like Beatstar pro, despite being a slightly different game.

The principle is simple, sweat through the ticking timer, and then hit a key as quickly as you can when you hear the sound. The better your reactions, the higher your score.

There are four modes of difficulty, each adding an extra key to the mix, starting with enter, adding space, tab, and f5 as well (and yes if your thinking that hitting these quickly when they're located all around the keyboard might be a problem, your thinking the right way).

In addition to the basic reaction test style gameplay,there is also a boppit style speed round. In this speed round you quickly hear the sounds of all four keys. For each incorrect key press, the amount of time you have to react grows less. How long can you survive?

Created with The blastbay game toolkit The game now is abandonware. Furthermore, since antivirus programs read anything made with Bgt as a virus, you'll need to add an exception to windows defender in order to play the game. Though Oriol only now provides source code versions of his BGt projects on the above page, the audiogames archive do have a fully compiled version of the game, which can be downloaded at the above link.

For more about Oriol and his games, you can visit The oriol gaming zone page on the audiogames archive

Tappy gaming.


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