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Rally racer

title:Rally racer
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genre:Arcade Games
platform:online/macromedia flash
features:sound, visuals
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Gamevial was a Scottish company who created web based games using macromedia flash player so that people could play and compete online. They decided that it would be great if people with visual impairments were also able to play their games, so created several arcade and action titles, ideal for quick competition.

Rally racer was an arcade game based around racing, not unlike Light cars, see index for some reason best known to yourself, you decide to race your motor in the opposite direction to oncoming traffic, attempting to overtake as many cars as possible before your smashed to an indeterminate pulp. You can use the left and right arrow keys to swing to sides of the road, and the up and down arrows to speed up or slow down.

Of course, engine sounds of both your car and the oncoming road hogs in the left and right stereo field provide information, as well as Sapi speaking your score.

Unfortunately, with the increasing obsolescence of macromedia flash as a platform Gamevial shut down, and ceased all game development in 2017, handing all their assets to a company known as Ravenwood entertainment, who have bought out some versions of their games that play in Modern browsers. However, Ravenwood have thus far showed no interest in remaking, or rereleasing any of gamevial's audiogames, which is a shame, and of course since the games were online, even though they were originally free it is doubtful anyone else could host them.

Details of the rise and fall of Gamevial can be Found here


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